UDI U818A Quadcopter Review

UDI U818A Review: For a first quadcopter, the UDI U818A Drone is highly suggested. It is the ideal choice for novices who are searching to improve their abilities at an inexpensive cost. Among the first matters, you will find about this quadcopter is its sturdiness.

In contrast to other RC drones for sale in the marketplace, this one includes versatile propeller protectors that have been mounted to the cover. You can collide it over and over but, it will remain to return for more.

The UDI RC U818A comes prepared for flight direct out the package and needs about 2 hours to charge. When in mid-air, anticipate about six to nine minutes of continuous flight duration.


  • Brand: UDI RC
  • Best For: Film & Photography/ Recreation
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 2.2 x 13.3 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Maximum Flight Period: 6-9 minutes
  • Control Distance: About 30 meters
  • Stabilization: 6-axis
  • Battery: 3.7V 500mAh LiPO (included)
  • Color: Black

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Features Overview

When UDI drone company first released the UDI U818A RC quadcopter, it came as a bit of shock for many flying hobbyists. It packs plenty of exciting functions in this compact and small body in this budget.

Let us take a look into a few of the most interesting functions:

First-person View (FPV)

This quadrotor now enables the user to experience a First-person View of the environment in which the quadrotor helicopter flies. It is all because of the Wi-Fi connectivity link of the machine. It offers you a Bird’s-eye view perspective from the sky.

Headless Flight Mode

This flight mode is a somewhat essential one nowadays. It is particularly helpful for starters who aren’t very experienced with controlling the quadcopter.

The Smart Orientation Control makes certain that the forward path of the device is not always the nose path. It means the multirotor can fly either direction without the operator needing to reposition it each time.

Return to Home Feature

In case, you are hovering a rotorcraft, it is yet normal for one to lose communication or control with the quadcopter sometimes. However, because of this function, the drone can now locate its direction back to its initial take-off position so that the operator never loses the device.

Acrobatic Flights: The UDIRC U818A is well-known for its swift and agile movements over the air. The operator can make a few modifications from the transmitter, and the remote control aircraft can do a 360-degree turn or flip. The point that the device has added balance to its take-off supports the acrobatic actions along the way.

Rigid Build

The best thing is that the UDI U818A RC Drone is lightweight but, features a rigid build with robust and durable qualities. As a result, it can effortlessly withstand a powerful impact.

The model features normal and expert flight modes. While you are selecting the expert mode, you can execute acrobatic rolls and 360-degree flips using unique controls on the remote controller.

Built-in Camera

As said before, the drone features an integrated camera and captures the video to a micro-SD card (a 2 GB card is provided). The controller is utilized to handle the quadrotor, and it’s different features.

Both videos and images can be captured during the flight but, the camera quality is incomplete, and in comparison to other brand-new models offers minimal quality.


The Six-Axis Gyroscope stabilization system has been integrated into the electronic device unit. It holds the drone properly on the flight. The big torque rotors offer immediate changes of direction and maneuverability. The ring framework can secure the props during accidents.

Acrobatic Stunts

In case, you already possess knowledge about small drones, you should check out this larger item. Although a huge dimension will be much more difficult, it’ll also be more exciting.

Apart from the standard flight movements, this device can also do three-dimensional rolls as well as other stunts. Even while fun flip stunts, you will realize the stability and agility of the machine. With a bit of training, you can execute different tricks.

Remote Transmitter Technology

The UDI U818A drone operates on the base of spread-spectrum 2.4 GHz technology. This product includes a lot of impressive functions, for example, great anti-interference capability, quick response, long control range, and less energy consumption.

2.4 GHz lays the concept for today’s radio system. The device offers longer transmission range, less interference, steady radio transmission, and less legal problem.

There are different flavors of UDI U818A such as the UDI U818A-1, UDI U818A HD, and UDI U818A HD+ which may or may not need FAA drone registration. Make sure to register your drone if it requires as by law.

With the drone’s advanced electronic mechanism, you can hover this model with other models and have fun with your buddies. This quadcopter has certainly many functions that the customers can take advantage of. It is greater than what a model in this budget offers.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Indeed, you cannot anticipate UDI Drone to deliver you the perfect panoramic views, pictures, long flight periods of 25 minutes. However, it’s more suited for enthusiasts to have a periodic spin.


  • Perfect For Beginners: A fantastic choice for brand-new quadcopter operators.
  • Enjoy Smooth Flight: It is agile, simple to fly, and stable.
  • Accessories Included: It contains an extra two battery bundles and rotors in the package.
  • Safe To Fly: The UDI Quadcopter has built-in rotor protectors; that are perfect for indoor flight and for brand-new flyers learning how to fly a drone.
  • Can Capture Aerial Photos: It is perfect for novices who can train flying drones as well as capture some aerial pictures.
  • Headless Mode Available: The headless flight mode appears to be helping the pilots in hovering the model without bothering with its positioning.
  • Compatible With Outdoor and Indoor Flight: It could be flown both outdoors and indoors.


  • Camera Quality Needs Improvement: Low-quality camera
  • Poor Manual Translation: The UDI U818A manual and translation is honestly terrible.
  • Finally a Breathing Space: At least, the quadcopter is simple to work out.
  • Short Battery Life: Battery period is short for a product in this quality, with flight durations of just some minutes.
  • A Win-win: Luckily, it contains a couple of batteries.
  • Think Twice About Heavy Winds: Not steady in windy climates whatsoever.

What Will You Like?

The best thing about this UDI U818A review is that it is sleek, lightweight, simple to control, and dark. Even if you are a beginner to remote control quadrotors, you will not face any issues using this device.

The controller operates on a typical four-channel. It enables the model to offer powerful communication between the quad and the receiver. Therefore, the remote controller will effortlessly handle the flight.

One of the nicer functions of the UDI RC U818A Drone is the integrated propeller protectors that are good for indoor flight and make your rotors work longer. About the long-lasting rotors, the quadcopter comes along with additional rotors and a couple of UDI U818A battery packs.

Therefore, you can hover while one battery is charging. Multi-rotors in this budget does not often include two battery bundles. The best thing is which you can change between three modes of flight on the grounds of your expertise.

Whether you’re a professional flyer or a beginner, you will experience a delightful adventure. You can also execute aerial tricks. Lastly, the camera enables you to record video and images during copter’s flight.

Design and Durability

Speaking about the durability and design of the UDIRC U818A, this quadrotor helicopter has good durable construction. There are many factors that lead to it. For beginners, the high torque engines have confirmed to be somewhat effective for the machine.

It enables you to spontaneously and swiftly change paths without problems. Also, you can find a ring framework around the device that safeguards it all the time, particularly during collisions or crashes.

The multicopter, all in all, has a compact and rigid design which is also really lightweight. It delivers the product the needed power. The availability of spare propeller UDI U818A parts in the set enables you to take some guts and do some cheeky flights.

This unit is ideal to be flown both outdoors and indoors. It could even function well on somewhat disturbed environmental circumstances such as a mild wind. It’s also well-designed to for various landing conditions outside and take-off.

However, while you are hovering the quadrocopter indoors where there will be little open room and more possibility of crashes, the prop protectors may prove useful. These maintain the rotors long-lasting. Moreover, the company packs some additional rotors within the quadcopter kit.

In the event of crashes against hard objects or obstructions, the U818A can endure fairly powerful impacts. The plastic material parts create the unit even more flexible, and they could be replaced or repaired whenever needed.

Nevertheless, the quadrotor has built-in some safety features to secure the components of the device in instances of collisions. The protection guards attempt to avoid any damage or collisions to the props.

The plastic parts are impact-proof and therefore don’t cause many problems. It offers us a concept of how the manufacturer has in fact taken up safety measures to turn this one a sturdy one.

Flight Performance

Even in case you do not possess any previous practical expertise in the area of flying quadcopters, you will yet feel comfortable with this machine. It is due to the fact the UDI RC U818A is a user-friendly item, one which can offer you helpful flying adventures.

The eight minutes flight period is somewhat good and enables operators to have plenty of excitement. Referring to the control range, this model offers a power-packed functionality at approximately 30 meters away from the user.

It converts to around 100 feet. Outside of this range, you are prone to lose communication and thus signal from the quadcopter. The manufacturer has recently launched the Return to Home feature which can show to be invaluable in these terms.

You could track your drone, and it’ll return to the initial take-off point even in case you lose signal with it. For the height, this model offers a good enough functionality. It’s a little product and therefore cannot anticipate significantly high height flights.

For an unmanned aerial vehicle of this price and size, this specific item offers quite an exciting flight functionality just to collect some flying activities. Another factor that makes this quadcopter ideal for flying hobbyists is its capability to do some swift rolls and flips in mid-air, all of that is handled by the user from the ground.

360-Degree Eversion

As a novice flyer, you are probably wondering, “There is no possibility I can perform a flip using my quad. I am not skilled enough.” Well, now you could! The U818A RC Drone will allow you to make a flip move in the sky at the press of control. Now you could feel and look like a quad pro, without being an extremely skilled pilot.


UDIRC U818A camera

The UDIRC U818A includes a two-megapixel camera that comes along with the product itself. It is a forward-fixed camera that can capture a few good aerial footages.

The videos and photos are captured in high-definition quality images with the ideal blend of white balance and intense colors. Actually, at this budget, the picture resolution of the camera offered by the device is somewhat amazing.

The footage is captured at 30 FPS at 720p. Nevertheless, you could never be dissatisfied in case what you are searching for through aerial videography is a pair of wonderful aerial photos with panoramic angles. The camera lens is extremely wide and therefore, the angle becomes limitless.

The drone’s camera feed could be accessed and viewed in a couple of unique ways. First, you could see it as First-person View or possibly you may watch it later since they are stored on the Four GB SD card included.

Although the footage resolution based on the weather conditions and the lighting around, the camera feed from the drone is, in common, is somewhat clear and crisp. Also, the drone’s camera could be instantly handled by the remote transmitter.

However, there is no preview of the camera which will enable you to modify the camera by clicking the photos. Take a look at aerial video recorded by this multirotor helicopter underneath:

The Remote Transmitter

UDI U818A with controller

The remote controller that comes along with the UDI U818A drone turns out to be fairly convenient and simple for the operators. As a flyer, it is important for the customers to have enough understanding of the controls before getting the device out for a spin. It is the basic procedure for flying a drone.

Generally speaking, the remote transmitter is somewhat convenient in the fingers. It features a digital display that shows the throttle, battery life, and other important details. There are a couple of main handles on the transmitter: right analog stick and left analog stick.

It will support you alter the speed and the direction at which you need to fly the machine along. The drone’s camera may be accessed directly from the transmitter using the remote controls.

It is important to possess proper coordination among the direction analog sticks and acceleration and the camera button. Moreover, the quadrotor can do a few acrobatic flips and turns that may excite the hobbyists.

These could also be undertaken using handles on the transmitter. The body lights of the product could also be handled using this controller. It is particularly helpful for nighttime flights.

Flight Time and Range

Regarding the flight period, the UDI RC U818A can fly in the sky for six to nine minutes on one charge. It is common for a rotorcraft of its quality. Charging the quadcopter’s battery to its complete potential requires about two hours.

When you want to get outdoors and take flight, it can feel as if an eternity. With just 30 meters of operating range, the (U818A) gets outweighed by a likewise priced product, the Syma X5C Quadcopter or by a key rival, the Cheerson CX-10 Quadcopter.

The Syma X5C delivers nearly twice the operating range (50 meters) and lies within the exact price range. It is not a big difference. However, it is certainly one to take into account when buying around.

If you are searching for an inexpensive First-person View quadcopter with good range, make sure to look into the Hubsan X4 First-person View Drone. If you are searching for a costly FPV quadrotor, make sure to browse the DJI Mavic Pro Drone.

Value For Money and Guarantee

With regards to the worth of investment, the U818A model gets full points in this criteria. It is accessible for an about ($$) price range which contains a variety of add-ons. These consist of extra batteries, spare propellers, and so on.

A device of this budget features a two-megapixel high-definition camera as well as a transmitter that can offer you the handles of the machine. You can further modify the quadrocopter with the possible UDI U818A mods of your choice.

What else can you anticipate from it? Furthermore, it’s been created to appeal to the demands of both the experienced professionals and beginners separately. Due to the various flight modes, the product has received plenty of positive customer reviews. A sturdy model with exciting functions and a fair enough flight functionality results in the best quadcopter of this caliber.

There’s no special reference to a guarantee on the manufacturer’s official site. Nevertheless, it is just obvious that you may get in contact with the manufacturer suppose your product doesn’t work correctly or you get a defective or damaged item.

It also depends on the company you buy the drone. Ensure to always buy it from approved vendors of the official manufacturers. The UDI RC cannot aid you out in scenarios of illegal utilization of the product and take apart it on the buy.

The Bottom Line

Based on field professionals, the UDI RC U818A is among the best remote control quadcopters for sale out there. It is an extremely inexpensive item and includes a wide range of impressive functions.

In case, you are a starter; we could highly suggest buying the UDI Drone as your initial quadcopter. It is durable, cheap, and does not need any previous experience to control.

With that said, do not anticipate extra from the drone’s camera or perhaps the range. Both are somewhat below par. Furthermore, do remember to check out our independent best drone reviews, we split all the things down creating it that much simpler to choose the quadrotor that ideally fits your requirements.

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