Syma X5C Review

The Syma X5C is a superb quadcopter that has many awesome functions. For example, it provides a flight period of approximately seven minutes, which is not bad. Of course, it could be lower or higher based on how aggressively you handle your Syma X5C Quadcopter.

In general, the quadrotor is simple to control, includes a camera, and it is even able to perform flips. The camera clarity is not high-definition in any respect. However, it is yet pretty fair for its selling price.

In our Syma X5C review, we are going to tell you everything you have to understand about this best beginner drone. Also, do not confuse the Syma X5C-1 review with Syma X5C evaluation as both are different models.

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  • Brand: SYMA
  • Best For: Recreation/ Hobby
  • Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Maximum Flight Period: 7 minutes
  • Control Distance: About 50 meters
  • Stabilization: 6-axis
  • Battery LiPO: 3.7V 500mAh battery
  • Color: Multi-colored

Features Overview

The Syma drone X5C is among the best quadcopters out there in the marketplace for below $100. It is perfect for newbies, offers a decent flying period (about five to eight minutes), as well as the controls, is intuitive and user-friendly. It also features an integrated camera which makes aerial photography easy and fun.

While the Syma X5C camera resolution is not good, it is great enough to shoot some amazing aerial photographs or footage. In general, it is a stable and durable RC multirotor that ought to last you quite a while if you care for it and fly it properly.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Adaptability to Various Conditions: Handles nicely in most situations.
  • Compatibility of Indoor and Outdoor Flight: The quadcopter functions completely outdoors and indoors.
  • Level of Sturdiness: Apart from its lightweight design, the X5C model is incredibly sturdy and can survive collisions into all types of surfaces such as grass, trees, as well as pavement
  • The simplicity of Flight: Simple to sync, effortless to put together, and straightforward to fly, even for a beginner.
  • The convenience of Charging: Recharges via a USB Therefore, it may be recharged while driving using the vehicle charger. The 500mAh 3.7V LiPO battery for the drone itself is given. However, batteries for the controller are not.
  • Ability to Capture Video with Sound: An excellent ability of the drone’s camera is which it does capture audio on its footage.
  • High Memory Storage: The contained Micro SD features 2 GB and could effortlessly hold pictures from an entire flight.
  • Excellent Stabilization Ability: The six-axis gyroscope allows for stable, easy flying which can support the drone’s camera problems too.


  • Lack of Ability to Confront High Winds: Because of its lightweight, it may be temperamental while tackling the wind.
  • It’s Not Really HD: The drone’s camera is marketed as high-definition. However, the images can go wrong but, in proper lighting, the videos and pictures are good.
  • Fixed Camera Angle: The camera position is permanent and far too low for straight-ahead captures.
  • Limited Battery Life: Battery life, particularly with the drone’s camera on, is fairly limited.
  • Poor User Manual Translation: The language translation of the user manual is bad.

Agility and Speed

Speed and Agility of Syma x5c

We will start by discussing the X5C Syma agility and speed. This mini-drone can fly through the air effortlessly. Not just are the controls super-intuitive.

However, you will also be capable of performing 360-degree flip stunts at the press of a trigger. Having said that, controlling the X5C could be hard in windy climates, that is something to consider before buying this beginner quadcopter.

Hardly any Syma X5C review could be complete without discussing the drone’s dimension. Particularly, this beginner rotorcraft weighs only two pounds. Because of the lightweight build, it’s suggested that you do not hover in circumstances in which gust winds are greater than 20 Miles per hour (MPH). In general, the X5C stabilizes and handles well.

Whether you are a novice or professional pilot, being capable of flying your quadrotor helicopter with a great degree of accuracy is essential. That is just what the X5C Syma offers.

Build & Design

Next, we are about to discuss the drone’s build and design. In summary, it could take the heat. It is excellent for a starter who is likely to crash often.

Another good aspect of the drone’s style is that it is simple to change Syma X5C parts which are damaged. We also enjoy the point that this particular beginner drone comes with propeller guards (the part that safeguards your props).

While propeller guards minimize flight duration by a little degree, they do a fantastic job at protecting your propellers. We have crashed our one into:

  • Rocks
  • Pavement
  • Cars
  • Trees

Amazingly, it yet works flawlessly. The mere thing we have needed to change since buying this quadrocopter were the propellers. Lastly, because of the drone’s portable build, when it collide to the earth the impact is not that powerful. We give this drone an A+ mark for build and design.

Maneuverability and Controls

As a newbie, you are most likely concerned about smashing your quadcopter, or even worse, ramming it straight into a house or person. Do not worry – the X5C Drone is very simple to operate.

Being only two-three pounds, you will be in a position to fly via the air effortlessly. Be careful about soaring in wind circumstances of 20 Miles per hour or more, since it will be difficult to handle.

In general, it is a fairly stable quadcopter drone that users of all experience levels and ages should like. An extra function to be aware of is that you may modify the sensitivity degree of the drone’s controller (transmitter) to match your flying requirements better.

If you are less skilled, in that case, you can reduce overall sensitivity to make the quadcopter fly more carefully. On the other side, once you get better at drone flight controls, you can raise overall sensitivity to make the quadrotor take flight more aggressively.

Other Stuff to Understand

As we are writing this Syma X5C review, the X5C Quadcopter is the #1 Amazon’s Choice and has more than 3,600 positive customer reviews. That shows a lot of it is a smart buy. Another fact we want to cover is the drone’s dimension. It looks larger in the photo compared to in reality.

Personally, we expected it to be fairly big. However, in real life, it was quite tiny. When you order the multirotor helicopter on Amazon, you will receive a Syma X5C manual, a transmitter, prop guards, extra propellers, as well as an SD disc which will let you transfer your video to your machine.

You will also get a Syma X5C charger and a 500mAh 3.7V LiPO Syma X5C battery. In short, we think customers will be extremely pleased with this aircraft.


Syma X5C camera

Because of the X5C Syma model costs below $50 as we are writing this review, it is hard to make any reports regarding its camera. It is not a high-definition resolution.

However, it is not bad either. The quadcopter delivers 1280 x 720 shooting abilities at 30 frames per second (FPS). As you have seen, the video is pretty decent.

You may with ease make out homes, landmarks, and even individuals with its camera. We also have to point out in our Syma X5C assessment that in case, you need a quadrotor with higher recording features, take a look at the DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

Remote Transmitter

Transmitter and Remote Distance

Like you can notice from the picture, the drone’s controller is quite simple. There are a couple of joysticks – one for the directional control and the other for throttle – as well as an LCD screen that will offer you details about your flying.

Anticipate a remote range of approximately 50 meters from the X5C model. In case, you try hovering beyond that in that case your signal will end up considerably less strong.

Also, understand that the drone’s controller works away from AA batteries that are not given in the package. From an ergonomic viewpoint, the controller will fit perfectly in your fingers, which will enable you to improve your control of the aircraft.

The model alone is super-intuitive to the transmitter’s commands. The moment you push a particular stick on your controller, the quadcopter will fly in that way.

Flight Duration

Now let us take the time in our evaluation discussing the drone’s flight period. This model offers a flight duration of about seven minutes. From our experience, we could back for this flight period.

In case, you want to zip through aggressively (e.g. flying fast, changing directions immediately, etc.) in that case, your flight period is likely to be cut short.

Also, understand that if you are capturing then, you will also counter reduced flight duration. It is suggested that if you are not capturing that you take away the camera completely to get rid of the additional weight (and hence fly more).

Lastly, windier climates will also reduce your flight period.

The Verdict

To conclude our assessment, it is a multirotor that will not hit the jackpot while enabling you to enjoy loads of excitement in the journey. We like the point that this miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is sturdy (all things considered, novices are likely to do plenty of colliding).

We suggest beginning with this quadcopter before advancing to more costly models. It is much safer to crash the X5C compared to say, the Cheerson CX-10. Also, make sure to have additional batteries therefore that you could remain in the flight longer.

All the best and take flight risk-free. We hope you enjoyed our detailed Syma X5C review and share your views on this best beginner quadcopter below.

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