Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Quadcopter Review

Holy Stone HS170 Review

There are longer-flying, faster, bigger and more expensive best drones for sale. However, for an entry-level quadcopter, the Holy Stone HS170 is an excellent option.

Welcome to the Holy Stone HS170 review. Weighing less than a half-pound and fewer than half a dozen inches long.

This Holy Stone drone is lightweight and small but amazingly steady while flying even in windy conditions.

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone has excellent features making it simple to control and fun to fly. Do not worry about ramming this quadcopter since it is solid as nails.

It does not just perform tricks and flips, it also can take pictures and videos. The headless navigation mode will ensure you certainly not lose the quad.

Whether or not you are an amateur or a skilled RC pilot, you can experience pleasant and smooth flights.

We created this in-depth Holy Stone HS170 review to provide you a good view of the performance and features of this amazing little device.

This mini-drone is an ideal gift for kids or those keen on getting into RC quadcopters. This model is surprisingly high-quality for the price tag.

It has three different modes for beginners to advanced flight modes and is loads of fun during flight.

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What is in the Box

  • 1 x Quadcopter
  • 1 x 2.4G Remote Transmitter (AA batteries not included)
  • 1 x 350mAh 3.7V Li-Ion battery
  • 4 x Spare rotator blades
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x User Manual


Easy to set up, and quick enough for a novice to learn how to fly within minutes, the quadcopter is fun from the first day. From the get-go, the Holy Stone Predator drone is simplicity.

Technically, it delivers well on just one charge (that takes around 60-80 minutes) is enough for about eight minutes flight period and a control range of 30-50 Meters is more than sufficient for hobby pilots.

As you may anticipate from a mini drone, it does not have a camera, but it is not compulsory for beginner hobbyist who merely needs to learn the flying drones basics and have fun.

The feet are springy, thus on landing do not be shocked if the gadget flips over. It has versatile landing feet to give some cushioning if the quad lands accidentally or on purpose.

These features improve this mini drone robustness. It has curved prop guards to absorb impacts on the ceiling and the wall.

The Holy Stone HS170 is best of the best as the best drone and most affordable for absolute novice flyers and beginners. Every blade has a different position it.

Therefore, make sure to set up the replacement correctly, or else the product will not properly fly, and might flip over. Given are replacement blades set if you break or lose one with aggressive flying.


  • 6-axis gyro stabilization system
  • Three different speed modes
  • Compact and small size
  • Colorful LED lights for night flying
  • Flexible, light, and stable
  • Fun to Fly
  • Headless security system
  • Responsive and powerful motors
  • Roll & 3D Flip
  • Wind-Resistant under most normal weather


  • No camera
  • Bulky transmitter
  • May flip and bounce on landing
  • Prone to wear and tear
  • Hanging battery cord

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It has a 2.4 GHz signal that makes low interference while handling the quadcopter. It made with a six-axis gyroscopic stabilization feature, which makes it more steady while in the mid-air flying.

It helps make sure it is wind-resistant, enabling the model to fly outdoors. It will fly for six to eight minutes along with a 30-50 Meter control range.

Among the innovative pieces of features on this model is the headless flight mode, in which your success of flying is driven by the remote controller, instead of the drone’s head. It makes drone mastery easier.


The Holy Stone quadcopter has a blue, sleek body along with black color rotor guards. Also, given in the box are white and black blades.

The rotor guards do not cover up the HS170 blades completely. However, they do an excellent job of ensuring the blades do not get trapped on any object.

There are blue and red LED lightings on this mini-drone, which is excellent for flying outdoors at night. The moment you start to use your Holy Stone drone, the lights are flashing.

holy stone drone review

It means the quad can connect with the controller. When checking the remote control drone, the red lights indicate the drone’s back, as well as the blue lightings, indicate the drone’s front. (It does not bother much if you are using headless mode.)

You can find three modes on the Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone. On the advanced navigation mode, the flying machine is responsive and fast. It is good if you are hovering the drone outdoors or if you are an experienced flyer.

Headless navigation mode means there is no back or front on the quad. When you are using headless mode, it makes a loud beeping noise. Rather, the product will orient automatically to the controller’s direction. It makes it easier for novices to fly.

The very first time you get your HS170 by Holy Stone, we would suggest starting out on the beginner flight mode and advance yourself up to the advanced flight mode to create trust with the speed and the controls.

The beginner navigation mode enables you to concentrate on the handles plus less to the responsiveness and speed. It is helpful while you are soaring inside, or in case you are finding out how to fly drones initially.


hs170 drone remote controlThe remote control looks decent: they fit into your palms quite nicely, as well as we didn’t have any problems reaching the handles.

Our first impression after getting our desperate hands on the remote control of the drone was we weren’t holding a remote control of the drone but a Nintendo gamepad.

The remote controller has the standard throttle for down and up movements, plus a lever to the right and left controls that rotate the quad.

The transmitter is somewhat cumbersome and requires 6AA batteries that not given.

There is a headless navigation mode choice that activated by holding and pushing the control button. It has buttons for a right and left tilt. Nevertheless, it has an irritating beeping noise to tell you headless flight mode is on.

Even though the remote control face seemed blank, the responsiveness was extra incredible. As always, the quadcopter’s remote control has multiple stick-like switches that allow the operator to control the quadcopter’s height and direction.

The trimming switches enable for making necessary changes for regular flight. The return-to-home button works well. However, sometimes the quad simply collides with something and sits there.

It has a trick fun button that when clicked will make the device perform a back or a front flip. This choice is loads of fun for children.

You could turn the quadcopter lightings off and on at a click of a switch which makes night flight possible. The transmitter is user-friendly. However, lacking labels is a bit frustrating.

The low and high options improve the drone response. Therefore, we recommend flying in the high mode of flight to have better performance.

We did not find out any lag among Holy Stone HS170 quadcopter and remote. Even though the transmitter works on the exact frequency like the majority of Wi-Fi adapters, we did not experience any interference.


This Holy Stone quadcopter does not have any video camera. Therefore, in case you are a person searching for a model to record videos and capture pictures with, it is not the perfect model for you.

However, in case you are a novice who needs a run into how exactly a quadcopter controlled. Or wishes to understand the basic features of quadcopter’s maneuverability, it is the correct solution for you.

To use this aircraft for recording and aerial photography, a camera should be bought individually or consider purchasing the best drone with a camera.

Flight Performance

The gyroscope system works correctly, causing the Holy Stone Predator drone to fly in position with no issues once trimming it, plus it is maneuverable and very quick.

You can have plenty of fun outdoors or indoors because you will get accurate control of the quad. Also, it is very durable and responsive in the event of crashes.

The handles are responsive and smooth it seems like using a remote control car. It responds to your controls pretty well, and because of the headless navigation mode, moving across the area is simple even for somebody who never flew a mini-drone.

On the low configuration, it gives a slow response. However, it is ideal for starters. You can find three-speed modes that impact the rate of yaw with every level. Its yaw is yet somewhat on the shorter side. However, the rate of pitch compensates more than for it. The excitement lies in the high and mid-speed settings.

Another problem we have had with this product is the annoying beeping noise the remote control makes when the headless mode is active. Initially, we believed the battery might have some problems. However, it was, in fact, the remote control acting up.

An easy and quick method to solve this problem is to press the RC right joystick right down and then move it towards the upper left corner side.

The beeping sound must pause at this stage, and you may start your flying without much buzz. As mentioned previously, it comes with headless flight mode, which means the quad orients on its own to their remote control instead of drone’s head.

This function is useful, particularly outdoors where you cannot know the drone orientation.

Battery and Flight Time

Only search in the user manual guide for the number of the part. You can find a wire which connects its battery towards the product, which hangs away to the corner and seems somewhat odd.

However, it does not impact the drone’s flight performance. It comes along with an easily-removed battery that makes it simple to recharge. With time their battery might degrade.

However, a brand-new one available to buy. We do recommend that you have spare batteries hence you don’t need to hold out to charge the battery again before hovering again. It requires nearly one hour to charge your battery, and get around eight minutes of flight duration.


That concludes our in-depth Holy Stone HS170 review. Suppose, you are on a limited price range and need to buy a remote control quadcopter for a cheap price, certainly, check out the Holy Stone Predator drone.

Headless mode makes it perfect for novice drone flyers to understand how exactly to take flight. It is simple to fly, affordable, and ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

In our view, it is not a model with lots of glamorous specifications and features. However, it is definitely worth the investment.

What we liked most regarding the HS170 quad is how steady it is when compared with how inexpensive you are about to have it.

It endures well after many wrecks also is an excellent model to begin your journey provided that you are a novice or beginner pilot.

It includes no extra weight or camera to hold off back, making it a fun and active model for RC hobbyists. This model is also pretty quick. Thanks in advance for reading out our hands-on Holy Stone HS170 review.

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