DJI Spark Drone Review

dji spark review

The DJI Spark drone is a great option for somebody on a tight budget who desires an easy to fly, a small drone with a decent flight time.

It offers excellent specifications and features DJI’s build quality, plus it introduces a few innovative app control and software abilities.

The DJI Spark is a powerful yet compact drone, created for the consumer searching for a flying machine that is simple to use.

The DJI Spark quadcopter is the best budget drone DJI sells as it made for complete drone beginners.

While the DJI Spark price is higher compared to competitor drones such as the Yuneec Breeze 4K, the extra cash gets you a high-quality product and better features.

In this DJI Spark Review, we explain how this best drone is lightweight and smaller than any DJI quadcopter in the brand’s history and offers a new fun avenue for drone users to discover.



  • Sufficient flight safety
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Subject tracker
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Smooth footage and image capture


  • Remote control available separately
  • Basic editor only
  • Short flight time
  • Does not tackle winds well
  • Limited speed and range

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Design of Spark

It is no joke the DJI Spark mini drone is as tiny as a soda can. Weighing at 10.6 ounces (300 grams) and measuring in at a 143 x 143 x 55mm, the mini aircraft is something that can easily keep into any case or perhaps cling off the back of the belt.

dji spark drone design

Even though the Spark drone is small, its arm is not foldable similar to the GoPro Karma Drone and Mavic Pro. The props retract for transport as well as do not need to be taken off for storage which makes the Spark all set for action in the blink of an eye.

DJI Spark Colors: Sunrise Yellow, Alpine White, Lava Red, Sky Blue, and Meadow Green. The color splash is a welcome bit of customization in a drone world that has far been a blend of black, white, and gray.

Spark’s Camera

The camera comes with a 1/2.3-inch 12-megapixel CMOS sensor capturing 3,968 x× 2,976 resolution pictures and Full HD at 30p. We thought it to be way off to the DJI Mavic Pro, which we own.

dji spark camera

However, was pleasantly amazed at well-exposed, colorful, and crisp photos. The Mavic drone shoots in 4K resolution, yet the Spark video looks excellent. 25mm lens (35mm equivalent) is in front of the digital sensor that captures a powerful 81.8-degree field-of-view (FOV).

For taking aerial photography, you will find two unique modes to test: Panorama and Shallow Depth of Field. Panorama is ideal for sweeping views to capture your surrounding’s grandiosity.

The Spark can fly vertically or sideways plus stitch together pictures to make a wide panorama shot. Shallow depth of field mode will lock on a subject after that hover 2 ft straight up, merging several images into a JPG of 1.6MP, making a neat outcome in which the subject stays in focus, and the background is blurred.

Regarding the video, it shoots 1080p resolution at 30 frame rate with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor. Also, on higher-priced drones you will have a significant bit rate, which helps enhance the quality of the video.

With the DJI Spark drone, the bitrate is somewhat small. It means your video will be of lower quality compared to high-end 1080p cameras as you will often notice a slight lack of depth in specific instances.

The video seems excellent, and you have manual control over such things as the ISO, for example. For the everyday drone pilot, the camera-either for video and photos is good enough. However, having 4K or 60 FPS could make it far better.

The problem with your Spark for footage is it shoots at 30 frames per second, which is inadequate for fast-moving subjects – ideally, we would like to see 1080p here.

Hovering with the modes like Helix, Circle, Dronie, and Rocket is not just super simple, but plenty of fun, as it provides novice flyers with a starting off position. While many fans of Spark are gushing for the gesture controls and the small size, these special recording modes are excellent upgrades to the aircraft and cannot ignore.

You can test every way and get inspired by recording video in many ways, whether it is flying via a dense forest, flying over a beach, or just getting an excellent aerial video of the local neighborhood.

DJI Spark Remote Controller

No DJI Spark review is in-depth without discussing the information on this drone’s features in mid-air. Regarding DJI Spark specs, pilots can soar their mini-drone 54 yards high and 109 yards away with the mobile device.

dji spark controller

With the remote controller, the DJI Spark for sale can fly as much as 1.2 miles aside. With gesture controls technology equipped, you can fly the Spark without the remote controller or mobile device.

It makes for probably the pure fun aspect of this RC toy, as Spark users can control the aircraft using their hands. About handling the Spark quadcopter from the phone, this function works simply fine.

In case, you want to explore with the DJI Spark you should consider the DJI Spark Fly More Combo, nearly based on the fact it comes with an actual transmitter.

The remote includes more responsive, better joysticks and does not restrict your phone’s screen visibility. However, for longer range, the signal drops as it is terrifying. You connect through Wi-Fi provided that the DJI Spark’s range is at 75 meters, your signal is steady.

DJI Spark Battery Life

Every battery is designed to last as much as a flight time of 16 minutes, which is not at all deal breaker provided its size and the fact the majority of its competitors range around ten minutes.

That is good enough to have you excited, yet short enough you are watching your battery meter.

Who’s it For?

According to the advertising campaign by DJI plus the drone’s functions itself, it is evident they are a lightweight quad to take with you on your trips to get amazing photos and videos.

It is the ideal option since it can store in any compact backpack. It is a model any starter pilot can take and travel, taking on the skies problem-free.


In short, the DJI Spark drone is smarter, faster, can hover for a longer duration, and is the near-perfect in its league. Also, if you do not mind recording in 1080p resolution, this quadcopter could make a great companion on the next venture.

It is among the best small drones available currently. Although it cannot shoot 4K footage like a few of its competitions for example Phantom 3, it outranks the competitors simply about each other respect.

What is your opinion? Does the DJI Spark review change your view? Do you feel Spark is worth the price? And could you consider getting it? Post your opinions as comments below.

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