DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Review

Welcome to the DJI Phantom 4 review. DJI continues to drive the drone technology limits at an extreme speed, and their newest “prosumer” quadcopter, the DJI Phantom 4 is no exception. DJI Phantom 4 drone is the exact set of features that drone pilots are seeking at a realistic price.

It is an improved and upgraded model of the DJI Phantom 3, along with obstacle avoidance, upgraded battery life, and so on. If you are on the lookout for the best drone with a camera, that has a combination of features, and it is simple to fly, Phantom 4 is among the best drones to buy.

In case, you have got the budget; then there is no purpose why you should not get a DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter over the DJI Phantom 3. In summary, it is simple to fly, sexy, and packed with technology and features.

Our Phantom 4 review will discuss the crucial areas of overall specs, design, camera, usability, software, and much more. Our aim is to apply our user-based extensive research to explain to you what the Phantom 4 DJI like. Let us kick in!

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The DJI Phantom 4 camera drone is the DJI’s most advanced and newest quadcopter. Backed by excellent reviews, it works as an ideal option for anybody wanting to have a high-quality and technologically advanced UAV.

It is created to take great aerial videos and photographs that you could improve via the Phantom 4 app. Because of this, it proves as a new and technologically innovative drone. Furthermore, it also includes intelligent software which enables it to return automatically to you, steer around objects, track objects and people on the ground, and much more.

Just, this model does beyond give you a high-quality camera. Continue reading this Phantom 4 drone review; you can find out more information on the latest DJI 4 drone.

Phantom 4 Specs

  • Weight: 8.82 pounds.
  • Accessories: Case, battery, charger, extra propellers, and Phantom 4 controller.
  • Obstacle sensor distance: two to 49 feet.
  • Dimensions: 12.8in. X 8.66in. X 14.96in.
  • Max flight height: 6,000 meters.
  • Flight Duration: Around 28 minutes.
  • Maximum distance: 3.2 miles.
  • Maximum video Distance: Around 1.5 miles.
  • Camera velocity: 30 feet per second.
  • Image maximum size: 4000/3000 pixels.
  • Camera: 12.0M pixels 4K Ultra HD.
  • Camera Lens: f/28.
  • Phantom 4 battery: 15.2 volt, 5350mAH, LiPo 4S Intelligent Flight Battery.
  • Control: 2.4-2.483G remote controller.
  • FAA registration needed: Yes.
  • Stability: Gimbal, three-axis stabilization.

What’s in the Box

  • The drone.
  • Brush blower.
  • Quick release props.
  • USB OTG cable.
  • Remote transmitter.
  • Micro USB cable.
  • Flight battery charger.
  • AC charger cable.
  • Flight battery.
  • Gimbal clamp.


The Phantom DJI 4 line is already a major upgrade in the design area over the DJI P3 because they removed several small exterior screws, divots, and unsightly style features.

We assume the DJI P4 is made to impress hobbyists and potential customers with it are a purposeful clean design. The drone’s camera looks far better, having changed the aluminum build for a smooth white plastic covering.

You will still find the curved, sleek, white design, which moves outside the angular, sharper Mavic Pro design. The Phantom 4 might look like the P3 in design. However, what it lacks in variation, it can make up for functions.

There is clearly a huge difference in design and intent among the Mavic Pro Drone and the DJI Drone Phantom 4. The Mavic Pro version appears to focus on a portable, mobile, “significant enough to grab the shot” package type.

While the P4 is better and houses powerful hardware, such as better software and improved camera. The stock props are plastic but look less “cheap” and polished compared to the P3 line propellers.

The DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter drone stays honest to the four fixed, separate arms with propellers on the side for lift and propulsion.

Multiple Flight Modes

There are lots of features that make the DJI Phantom 4 one of many best quadcopters on the market. One of the features is it includes multiple modes of flight.

Sports mode enables the DJI 4 drone to experience high-speed drone racing over the sky. Intelligent flight modes utilizes a visual positioning system and a satellite positioning system to avoid crashes and navigates around objects in mid-air.

Active Track allows the P4 to trace any person or object you want. TapFly mode lets the P4 to respond for you tapping within the controller’s display showing it where to fly exactly. Position mode makes the quadcopter use satellites and sensors to find out where it located.

You could set a particular point with Point of Interest, and the quadcopter can automatically fly inside a circle across the point regularly while you could take perfect videos or photos.

You can set the controls under the Home Point by Home Lock. Quickly pull out on the handle stick to make the quad back, or drive forward to hover further away, regardless of what direction it is looking.

You can fix WayPoints or multiple GPS points by WayPoints as well as the aircraft will automatically soar to the waypoints while you could focus on handling the camera.

With Course Lock activated, the handles will set to about the drone’s current route. This comfortable flight enables you to hover in a direction set while you fly across scenes or alongside moving items.

The aircraft can instantly follow you plus record your every single move through a unique aerial perspective with Follow Me mode.

Software Capabilities

The DJI Phantom 4’s smart flight capabilities include:

Sense and Avoid

This safety function makes it easy to avoid and sense obstacles in the path plus safely soar the aircraft, even if you face unexpected obstacles or make mistakes.

The prevent and sense feature also makes it possible for TapFly Mode, as you can fly the quadrotor in any way using a touch of the screen without bothering with any potential obstacles waiting in your path.

This feature operates by having a computer program and an obstacle sensors combination installed on the drone’s front. The outcome is a reactive, sensitive drone that can prevent accidents while flying.

Auto Takeoff and Return

The results of auto return and takeoff features is a model that is tough to lose and very simple to take flight. The advanced GPS system enables it to come back to you automatically and take off automatically.

Visual Positioning System

The positioning systems combination offers the DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter an unprecedented degree of responsiveness and accuracy regardless of where it’s flown.

The visual positioning technology merits particular mention due to its power to keep your drone on the right track even with no dual satellite positioning technology assistance.

The visual positioning technology permits the quadrocopter to understand whereby it is regarding other objects to avoid hover and crashes if required. It is currently precise at ten altitude meters (a significant boost of 300% over the earlier model’s capabilities).

Furthermore, it helps the quad to stop solid, get over a damaged flight, and create the gadget to fly immediately in case you release your joystick.

Besides, due to its visual positioning technology, it can fly accurately indoors and outdoors. All these capabilities together cause this technology one famous Phantom 4 safety element.

GPS System

The DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter features a GPS feature that enables it to understand where it is located all the time, fly easily, react to obstacles, land and take off automatically.

The GPS system comes with a visual positioning system in collaboration with a dual satellite positioning system.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In this DJI Phantom 4 review section, let us look into a few of the Phantom 4 pros and cons:


  • The Lightbridge system looks after the real-time video transmission for the screen.
  • This drone is so user-friendly that even though you have recently joined into the field of photography and cinematography, you will not feel any hassle or nuisance while flying and handling it.
  • The brand-new sensors cause this aircraft a very smart device that delivers you balanced flights and particularly exceptional flying abilities.
  • The camera which mounts to the quadcopter is a somewhat unusual one as well as will help you in the quest for excellent aerial photography.
  • You receive an opportunity to take a snap from whichever way you would like. Not only from the sky, however through the ground too.
  • It arrives with many capabilities such as the Sense and Avoids system and the Active Track that will make hovering more exciting.
  • It comes with excellent construction quality, one which is both durable and dependable. It can make all of the other models seem flimsy.
  • The item comes through a popular and among the most established brands. Therefore, customer care is understanding and helpful.
  • With a breathtaking 28 minutes flight time, greater speeds and a wider DJI Phantom 4 range (as much as 45 miles per hour), you can make smarter use of the quadcopter’s aerial photography abilities and your flying expertise.
  • The Phantom 4 app makes it simpler to handle the unit. Also, you can find a little room on the remote transmitter to slot in the smartphone plus operate the device from there onwards.
  • The camera houses an improved vision positioning system and dual satellite positioning system which allows this item to get a reliable and a safe flight, no matter if you are hovering inside or outside.


  • The First-person view (FPV) appears to have a few disturbances because it stops randomly sometimes as well as comes back later on.
  • It might sometimes get out of the handle and crash land on the wrong position without reacting to the controller commands.
  • The gadget has some bugs that you cannot easily solve. For example, the gimbal on camera sometimes will not calibrate more than 70 percent.
  • The battery might not last up to 28 minutes if you fly in the sports mode at a rapid pace.
  • A bit expensive to buy DJI Phantom 4 compared to its predecessors but, definitely worth the investment considering the Phantom 4 features.

Notable Key Features

If you are flying inside, the upgraded sensors can help retain an accurate position for deliberate and precise motion. It performs a great role in-flight stability, boasting to be five times as steady as it is predecessor, the Phantom 3 Professional.

Connection to the light bridge is responsive and fast, enabling clear and bright live visual feeds through vast distances.

Anticipate to have the craft fly inside inches of it is vertical placement, even at breeze up to 15 miles per hour, because of the technological enhancements produced by the DJI company.

The handles are user-friendly, you can hover with trust knowing there are abilities such as obstacle avoidance (only front-facing) and return-to-home, and the quad is simply plain quick.

Apart from the sexy style, you will find the DJI Go Application to use on the tablet or phone of your preference. There are the physical handles within the remote controller, and there is flying the gadget. 45MPH speed in sports flight mode that can make even skilled drone pilots a few pause time.

Capturing The Shot

The Phantom 4 for sale is known for the camera abilities. Apparently, it arrives with an advanced camera that delivers 4K videos and 12mp photos.

It guarantees top-quality videos and aerial photography, because of the powerful camera presence. The video is crystal clear due to the quadcopter’s hover capabilities, and a sophisticated gimbal which keeps your drone steady.

Furthermore, the camera lens has enhanced to support a sharper image compared to has been achievable in other DJI’s cameras.

Possibly most remarkable is the capability you have from this model to edit the videos once you take these, such as adding music and colors using the DJI director application.


Phantom 4 created for stability. Section of the stability is because of the drone design and gimbal stabilization feature, making it aerodynamic and therefore more capable of flying effortlessly over the sky.

This balance aspect makes it much less vulnerable to crashes and will allow it to capture better photographs and videos. Also, the P4 earns a bit of stability from the capacity to fly correctly over the sky.

Combined with additional stability, solid DJI Phantom 4 review, extended flight duration, the DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter is tough to defeat. The mixture of these functions means the model is not likely to collide and can take reliable, steady videos and photos whenever you want.


The size, weight, and shape of the majority of drones do not make transportation easy. Here is where the DJI 4 drone excels again. No excessive twisting or tools are needed.

To set up them, you perform the precise movement. It takes three seconds to release or install the drone’s props. The DJI P4 comes with push-to-release props.

All you have to carry out is slightly twist your prop and push, and you remove it.

Camera and Gimbal

The DJI Phantom 4 features a few impressive specifications, delivered through a gimbal-managed camera that shoots 4K video and 12MP pictures. If you are into aerial photography by profession or hobby, it is the product that can do everything for you.

It does not matter if you are using it for bridge inspections, Instagram aerial photography or duck hunting, the P4 got the potential to give what you demand.

The fact the video camera is built-in to the unit helps with style consistency. However, leaves you along with some choices should you bust the camera because of insufficient modularity.

It can create great slow-motion films in 120FPS at 1080p HD, which is an improvement over the Phantom 3 Pro.

You will just remove the Micro SD Card once you land your model as well as upload it to the computer for like, sharing, and editing.

The gimbal is redesigned to increase the stability of video, which while bundled with the other IMU sensor, will give you everything that you require for both professional and hobby work.

Extended Flight Duration and Battery

Most RC Quadcopters are just able to stay in mid-air for some minutes at once. The Phantom 4 DJI, but, enables you to have a flight duration of around 28 minutes.

It makes it pop out beyond the competition due to the ability to offer extended flight period. The outcome is more video, more cameras, and longer flight duration before you have to recharge your battery.

The device features four LED light indicators that display your battery’s percentage left, and its status when charging. The DJI Phantom 4 battery is a LiPo (Lithium Polymer) 4s as well as has a max 5350 mAh capacity, increasing flight period to nearly 30 minutes (25 percent longer compared to the DJI Phantom 3).

The Phantom 4 comes installed with Intelligent Flight Battery and is created particularly for the best drone to optimize reliability and life.


The only variations between the Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 remote transmitter, is the P4 has a switch to help you switch among the different modes of flight. It looks similar to previous versions.

The Phantom 4 controller features a couple of antennae’s on the top that offers the Phantom 4 range of around 5km (3.1mi). It also contains a brand-new pause switch that allows customers to hold the gadget whenever, leaving the device to fly intact.

Just like the controller of Phantom 3, the controller of Phantom 4 needs a cable to connect to your tablet or phone for the First-person view. The built-in clip can hold your tablet or phone safely.

Besides, you will have to install the DJI Go free application on your smartphone or tablet to hover the P4. To download and install the DJI Go application, you will require a tablet or a smartphone with Android 4.2.2 plus beyond. Or get an iPad Mini 2/iPhone 6S or above with iOS 8 or more.

In case, you plan to use your DJI 4 drone with an iPhone or iPad; we suggest buying a short cable such as the “Cambond USB.” It is because the cable given with your iPhone or iPad can be somewhat very long.

Who Should Buy DJI Phantom 4 Drone?

The Phantom line is the golden standard for worth-minded fanatics who are interested in how drones allow their enthusiasm, be it profession or hobby.

Having said that, it is not the product that you buy your seven-year-old son can hover easily. However, the simplicity of flight featured in this version (obstacle avoidance, ActiveTrak, and Tap to Fly) is a vast improvement in the correct way. If you have got the money to spend and love for remote control flying machines, dive in with both feet for this one.


In case, you are searching for a quadcopter that takes excellent aerial videography and photography; the DJI Phantom 4 may be a great option for you personally.

Its several features which show both its exceptional flight abilities and quality camera enable it to deliver excellent videos and photos, safety, fun, ease of use, everything in a single quadcopter package.

To wind up our DJI Phantom 4 review, we would like to state that it is a should buy for anybody interested in DJI Phantom 4 drone, and for the current cost, the DJI Phantom 4 got all of the unique features to cause it an unforgettable experience.

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