DJI Mavic Pro Drone Review

With its brand-new model, the DJI Mavic Pro, the drone specialists DJI are doing a massive jump. This quadcopter is much smaller compared to previous ones we have reviewed such as the Inspire or the Phantom.

However, it can do far more – they have done something here by designing a more portable and compact aircraft that does not compromise functionality.

The DJI Mavic Pro, as we will discuss in this DJI Mavic Pro review, is an excellent video-taking Drone that is designed to support the action sports fanatic, with one main element of that being its mobility.

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  • Applications: Film & Photography, Racing, and Travel
  • Control System: Remote Control + Phone/Tablet
  • Max Flight Time: 27 minutes
  • Stabilization: 3-axis
  • Operating Range: 7,000 meters
  • Still Camera Resolution: 12 megapixels
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K
  • Weight: 743 grams



design of dji mavic pro

It features a completely brand-new design in comparison to the DJI Phantom series drones. It is foldable, much smaller, as well as the camera placed on the face of the quadcopter.

You do not get that glossy shade like have on a DJI Phantom 4. However, Mavic feels a lot more strong. Unfolding and folding the arms is very simple and could be completed in under ten seconds.

Much like its industrial-grade M600 hexacopter, the brand-new DJI aircraft has foldable propellers. As a result, you do not have to remove/attach these after/for every take-off.

If you accidentally broke a propeller, changing is a piece of cake. The mounting process is exactly as on the DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter. Regarding DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma design, both have their brand of portability.

We very much enjoy the bottom section of the brand-new quadcopter, that acts and looks like a warmth sink. You can find small holes in the front side, behind the gimbal mount, as well as at the bottom of the machine to make sure great heat dissipation process.

In contrast to the Phantom series quadcopters, the Mavic has LEDs just on the front sidearms and one large LED on the bottom section of the machine.

Personally, we find it much better, and we do not have to worry anymore, what color (green or red) is suggesting the front side of the UAV.

Camera & Video

Mavic Pro Video Camera Features

Also, what about the paydirt, the product, the conclusion? What type of video does it record? Well, it will deliver you a very steady video, because the video camera is integrated into the machine and not mounted on a gimbal.

As you may think, the photo is simply excellent – up on the course with the high-definition clip you will see shared online, simply as quality as many TV programs.

Horizons, buildings, birds, construction cranes, are all in crisp and sharp relief. They are not exactly like the DJI Phantom 4 range. However, at 1/4 of the dimension, the resolution is yet good.

In the 1080p resolution, you have 30 FPS. It is not when it comes to the matrices, the highest level in the marketplace. However, the clip is of high-quality.

With regards to stills, the Mavic Pro facilitates for a maximum image resolution of 4,000 x 3,000. It enables for interval and burst shooting along with a single shoot.


DJI Mavic Pro

Nevertheless, when it comes to flight, it does not sacrifice a lot for the sake of being more focused around ability or the portability to capture video in many different situations.

Concerning flat-out flight abilities, together with speed, the Mavic Pro is not far away from express, the Phantom, along with the capability to zoom as quick as 40 Miles per hour.

It stays steady and handles pretty well. It even can maintain a steady flight indoors, meaning it does not have a connection to any satellites that we will talk about below.

Its flight duration is 27 minutes – compact Drone is likely to include smaller batteries.

A pilot who needs to skate lower to the pier using a video camera slash quadrotor on his carrying case is going to need to trade off a little time.


Flight controller mavic

When it comes to controller capability, what the DJI Mavic Pro has achieved is exciting. It does have a standard remote controller, about the shape and size of the garden kind game remote controller.

It includes its display, with indicators as well as the capability to keep an eye on the camera in real-time. Without being detailed, the display offers you the fundamental flight information you want.

The remote controller is simple to use and hand-friendly for users who prefer using mini quadrotor helicopter controllers that included in the UAV aircraft.

However, you can choose to ignore the remote controller as well as use a smartphone rather. What is fascinating about this choice is that just using the smartphone (that, again, means an inexpensive Drone) do you receive quite some interesting abilities brand-new to the DJI Mavic.

Flight & Functions

flying the DJI mavic pro

Possibly the one which is most employed is Active Track mode. It enables the Mavic quadcopter to follow its operator around.

It makes it possible for getting a video of you climbing a slope or whatever you are doing – and reveals DJI’s dedication to appeal to users who need to integrate their particular sports activities to your aerial photography.

Another choice is the selfie mode. Using the smartphone device as a remote controller, the pilot signals to the aircraft, triggering its sensors to make it record a clip of her or him.

They can after that make a small frame around their face using their hands, allowing the machine to concentrate on that place and capture a photo. Nice, huh?

Pros & Cons


  • Foldable, small design
  • Obstacle avoidance feature
  • Distortion-free, sharp stabilized 4K camera
  • JPG stills and 12 megapixels RAW
  • Shoots in landscape or portrait mode
  • Portable remote controller
  • 27-minute flight duration
  • Powerful operating range
  • Follow, orbit, and other smart flight modes


  • Needs a smartphone to use
  • Unable to take-off from grass surface in evaluation
  • Not as stable in a powerful breeze compared to the Phantom series.
  • Unremovable gimbal and camera

Additional Information

Mobility is now turning into the trend, with the capability to transport your machine in a backpack all of a sudden appearing to be a need, partly due to the much-expected GoPro Karma Drone supports this.

Therefore, with the unexpectedly launched Mavic Pro aircraft, DJI is going along with a small juggernaut that weighs only 1.6 pounds and that folds as small as 3.3 x 7.8 inches.

The concept is for it to combine with the unpredictable and active lifestyle of a cliff diver, crazy surfer, and so on. As opposed to just being a quadrotor.

Flight Features Information

Advanced Drone Features MavicPro

However, if those features, especially the selfie mode, sound a little gimmicky, other flight functions are very useful and much more pragmatic.

The device is a star of popularity and with the ability to navigate itself and track. It includes no below four vision sensors.

Along with twin satellite connectivity links, it reaches as much as 20 satellites that help in its flight navigation.

When the Mavic Pro is taking off, it marks a point of where it is, which means, where you located. It allows help the selfie mode, above.

However, it also suggests that it could come back to take-off position when the battery is low, and you may trigger an automatic landing configuration that lands it down below at your place.

The concern of landing it atop your nearest police station or losing your drone should be gone forever. You are in for a 4.3-mile operating range, as well, so you could cut it out and realize you have not wasted a hefty amount.

Are you asking what about hurdle recognition? You may check that package with the DJI Mavic Pro machine. It has become an important and expected function, and it does not dissatisfy. With many sensors, it is not likely to miss a lot.

Controller Information

DJI Mavic Pro Remote Controller

It is excellent! It is light, small, feel great, and simple to use on the fly. The brand-new transmitter has an integrated screen for the telemetry information from the aircraft.

It is useful to suppose you are employing the remote transmitter without using your smartphone. As a result, you understand the position of the quadcopter drone, battery percentage, or GPS signal.

The brand-new remote transmitter has all of the buttons, which the DJI Phantom 4 transmitter has, also one extra. You can modify the settings for that too using the official DJI Go application.

Making use of the button on the right, you can effortlessly interchange between sport and normal mode.

You can find a 2970 mAh battery integrated into the transmitter, which could charge via the micro USB port located on the left part simple with a common mobile phone charger.

In case, you employ the given stock charger (along with a two A USB port), you may fasten the charging procedure.

They always instinct save the best for last: Credits to the brand-new OcuSync transmission technology you can control your Mavic Pro Drone and get a live response on your mobile phone for as much as 7 km.

Initially, we could not think this is genuine since we are using quadcopters for over five years and have near seen such transmission distance.

At least, not inside the legally permitted transmission energy. So far, we have not checked out the max transmission range, since here in our country, it’s legally permitted to pilot just in sight of the line.


Overall, there is very little not to enjoy this brand-new Drone. It is for aerial photography enthusiasts especially – it is not an RC toy as well as not intended to ram into things at your nearby park.

It means which its flight functions have to involve reliability, stability, recognition, and safety. It offers all these things. It accomplishes a good deal of whistle and blows video capabilities and flight abilities.

While no details show it features much in the direction of pre-configured flight routes, rotating while constructing abilities, it does include the Active Track mode and offers some focus to keeping the operator as the topic of the clips. The DJI Mavic Pro price is also fair considering the overall features and flight performance.

The belief that seems common among drone pilots is which obstacle prevention is a requirement, which brings all of us to the philosophical concept that in case your quadcopter breaks and crashes into pieces, it does not matter how much tricked out clip functions it possesses.

There could be no argument that when the DJI brand feels the tension from a rival, such as, for example, GoPro coming to the drone field, it will jump into the scene and will not take it for granted. It will be interesting to observe how DJI in upcoming years and months.

In case, it could bring its cost down a bit; it will be hard to beat in the video camera drone sector. Only the time will tell what is going to happen next. With that note, let us wind up your comprehensive and in-depth DJI Mavic Pro review.

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