Cheerson CX-10 Review

The Cheerson CX-10 is among the top RC drones for newbies (particularly kids). The logic why is because it is little enough to be controlled indoors. However, also has sufficient strength to manage outside conditions.

You are about to be astonished at how good this Radio control drone manages. In case, you are brand-new to hovering quadcopters, it is ideal to improve your abilities on something little such as the Cheerson CX 10 until you are ready for anything more costly (such as the DJI Phantom 3 Drone).

In our Cheerson CX-10 review, we will explain to you why it is the best quadcopter for beginners. When you purchase this beginner quadrotor, you will get a free pair of propellers.

Believe us; you will want these. If you are brand-new to flying, you are likely to do some crashes, and probably the first parts to damage could be the propellers.

By keeping an additional set, you can easily replace damaged propellers and get back to flying immediately.

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  • Best For: Recreation/Hobby
  • Product Dimensions: 3.1 x 6 x 3 in
  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Maximum Flight Period: 4 minutes
  • Control Distance: About 40 meters
  • Stabilization: 6-axis
  • Battery: Rechargeable 100mAh 3.7V Lithium Battery
  • Color: Multiple colors available

Features Overview

Let us check out the overview of what this aircraft has to provide:

Integrated LED Lights

Night flight just got much more exciting because the CX 10 includes integrated LED lights. These LED lights are extremely visible at dark, enabling you to keep track of your drone when hovering in the night.

The multicopter includes two blue lights in the backside and two red lights on the front side.

One-Button Flips

It is our favorite function of the CX-10 mini quadcopter. At the press of control, you can do flips! No experience needed. You can feel and look like an expert pilot without having much experience.

Decent Flying Time

This unmanned aerial vehicle gets about four to five minutes of flight period. That is pretty decent for a microdrone. Remember that if you attach spare Cheerson CX 10 blades on, the flight period will drop a little. You may also protect your flight period by not soaring in the breeze.

Quick Charging

The CX-10’s battery could be completely charged within 30 minutes. For many users, it may be too long to wait patiently. Because of this, we suggest another Cheerson CX 10A (they are extremely inexpensive) so that you can fly while the other one is charging.

Good Distance

We were in fact pretty amazed at this drone’s distance. At its maximum, we were able to manage it from approximately 120 feet aside. However, as we went beyond this, it started to drop its signal. That is a remarkable distance for a micro RC quadrotor helicopter.

A Nano-dimension

This drone’s important identification characteristic is its extremely reduced dimension. The aircraft weighs nearly 15 grams as well as it is little enough to sit on hand. Although, the reduced dimension also limited its capability to incorporate developments; it did allow the quadcopter to be the planet’s most compact quadrotor ever.

Several Color Options

The drone is available in colors of black, green, orange, blue, red, and white. Obviously, it also makes it much more suitable for recreational applications.

Advantages & Disadvantages

It may be obvious that the CX 10 even presently still does offer a vital significance to the growth of future innovations. The primary reason for its huge sales is its inexpensive price tag. Also, here are some more advantages and disadvantages of the multirotor:


  • It is inexpensive: It’s also easy to find models of the same aircraft priced less than that which is much more cheap to almost anybody. Also, its spare add-ons are also simple to buy and very cheap hence having an associating inexpensive maintenance fee.
  • It is Highly Compact: As mentioned earlier, the quadcopter is little enough to sit on a hand and hence could be used anywhere and comfortably pocketed with convenience.
  • It has Lovely Designs: Suited to fun and enjoyment.
  • Control: It is also simple to handle.


  • It is less Sturdy: This model aircraft is so vulnerable, and many of its complaints claimed its less sturdiness to be its major disadvantage.
  • Limited Flight Period: It comes with a limited flight period of simply five to eight minutes.
  • Connectivity Problems: The rotorcraft also encounters connectivity problems even while flying inside the efficient control range.

Very Quick Yaw Rate

In the drone world, the term “Yaw Rate” is accustomed to explaining how fast a quadcopter can rotate either counterclockwise or clockwise. This model features a very quick yaw rate.

We cannot provide you with any specific numbers. However, we can say for sure that it is quicker compared to models such as the UDI U818A and the Syma X5C. A quicker yaw rate could make hovering your quadcopter drone more enjoyable, so it is certainly an extra addition to the Cheerson CX 10 mods.

If you are searching for an RC quadcopter with a much quicker yaw rate, then take a look at the popular Hubsan X4 H107L model. Check out the provided Cheerson CX 10 manual for further flight information.

Durability & Design

Cheerson CX 10 design

The CX 10 is a masterpiece with regards to design. By appearance, it looks much like every traditional typical drone featuring a cross-like structure with props welded at the rear.

The three sets of landing gear conclude the style. The complete quadrotor (when entirely equipped with standard battery) weighs nearly 15 grams.

Still, regardless of the lightweight, it is extremely steady on flights, and it stabilizes on a six-axis gyroscope. It makes a good toy for enjoyment.

The complete build is made from fairly sturdy plastic that can sustain small crashes. On the other hand, it is prone to break when it makes several crashes on a tough surface. Therefore, it is highly suggested to employ this RC quadcopter indoors.

One essential aspect to notice concerning the Cheerson CX 10 is that this machine extremely faults intolerant as well as thus it is not a vulnerable drone. It doesn’t forgive careless accidents and piloting mistakes.

To be honest, it is an extremely inexpensive drone to purchase; so what would you expect anyhow? Nevertheless, the drone companies do market the Cheerson CX 10 replacement blades cheaply on the internet, and you can buy them for your multirotor or just purchase extra one completely.

Flight Modes

Whether you are a professional flyer or a beginner flyer, this quadcopter will suit your flight pattern. The reason? since the remote controller includes various flight modes that you can modify depending on how skilled you are.

Therefore, if you are more skilled, then just make the remote controller more responsive to fly quicker/more aggressively. Similarly, if you are less skilled, you can adjust the controller-less responsive to fly extra cautiously.

Remember that in an advanced mode you may use the battery faster. Remember to complete the entire Cheerson CX 10 calibration process smoothly. The CX 10 includes an intermediate, advanced, and beginner flight mode.

Propeller Guards – Do You Want Them?

The propeller guards are the parts that safeguard your props in the course of the flight. The million-dollar question is: do you want them? It all depends.

If you are brand-new to flying, we would suggest buying a pair of propeller guards (they are inexpensive on Amazon). However, if you are more skilled and do not assume to crash very much then you most likely do not want them.


Unfortunately, the Cheerson CX-10 neither caters to a camera nor has a camera. The company of this quadrocopter intended to design a nano-drone that can be used just for entertainment.

Nevertheless, a later launch of the exact quadcopter (The Cheerson CX-10C & Cheerson CX-10W) does contain a camera. However, the available camera in Cheerson CX-10C & Cheerson CX-10W is yet too weak to employ in commercial aerial photography.

Nevertheless, in our Cheerson CX-10 review, we will highlight some substitute models of CX 10 that could be perfect for recreational photography. Below outlined are our couple of substitute alternatives that have a camera. These are the two models to consider if you are looking for Cheerson CX 10 with the camera.

Remote Controller

Here is a fun reality about the CX-10: the remote controller is actually larger than the quadrotor helicopter itself. That explains much about the dimension of this RC quadcopter.

The controller includes a couple of joysticks (for managing the quadrotor), sensitivity adjusters (for getting the controller pretty much responsive), and an off/on control.

While we do not have anything versus the drone’s controller, we have noticed complaints regarding it being not big enough. We reckon that for users who have large hands it can be a problem.

Flight Time and Charging

In this area of the Cheerson CX-10 assessment, we are about to take a look at everybody’s favorite part: flight period. This quadcopter provides a flight period of approximately four minutes.

It is a median. You can increase this by two or three minutes by flying cautiously, avoiding flight in the breeze, and removing the propeller guards.

The battery will charge completely in approximately half an hour. As we said before if you think that half-hour is a long time to wait patiently to return to the flight, buy an additional CX-10 (because it is inexpensive) to be able to fly this while the other one is charging.

Guarantee and Value For Money

Cheerson cx10 value for money

As mentioned earlier, this quadrotor helicopter only costs low price in nearly all the current internet sellers. That is just too inexpensive, is not it? It creates the drone a cheaper and easier alternative to buying for those who adore drones.

The Cheerson manufacturer does not provide a guarantee of a company warranty for this model. However, some online vendors of the exact do provide a warranty of around three months for this model.

Nonetheless, the only unfortunate reality about such product warranties is that often the terms of the guarantees do not assure a validity for physical harm of the unit.

It means that the guarantee provided does not include breakages (that are the most probable damages). Therefore, it is obvious that the quadrotor has no legitimate warranty.

On the other hand, it is acceptable and possible to ask for free replacement or repair suppose the product comes in a broken state or when it is incomplete.


Regardless of its little size, the CX 10 is extremely fun to pilot. You will forget time while you forth through and zip back the sky. It includes a flight period of four to five minutes, a distance of 30 to 50 meters, as well as a fairly sturdy build that can have a beating.

We believe that our Cheerson CX-10 review has supported you find out about what it has got to deliver. Thank you for reading our in-depth guide. Fly safe and good luck.

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