3DR Solo Drone Review

3DR Solo review

The arrival of quadcopters has shed fresh spark on aerial videography and photography. Nevertheless, it gets rather hard to handle the camera and the drone simultaneously, unless you got plenty of previous experience.

It is where the 3DR Solo comes in and steals the spotlight. It is a simple quadcopter, user-friendly and includes many new controls and features. All these reasons make the 3DR Solo drone a compelling buy.

This quadcopter has indeed made it to many consumers and received good reviews from experienced professionals and first-time pilots.

It can offer you with crisp and cinematic shots from the sky, fulfilling your needs for professional aerial photography.

The quad is easy to use once you get it: insert the 3DR Solo battery (s), set up the transmitter, start with the mobile app on your tablet or smartphone and you are ready to fly. Furthermore, the controls are ultra-responsive making your work easier.

From its elegant style to its simplified controls, the 3DR Solo quadcopter could be easily considered one of the best drones for GoPro.

In our 3DR Solo review, we are going to explain to you all the features and advantages of this product. Let us dive in with this video!

3DR Solo Specs

Brand: 3DR
Best For: Film & Photography
Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 10 inches
Item Weight: 3.3 Pounds
3DR Solo Flight Time: 20 minutes (without payload); 15 minutes (with payload)
Flight Battery: 14.8V DC 5200 mAh Lithium Polymer
Battery Charge Time: 90 Minutes
Max Altitude: 122m (400 ft) per Federal Aviation Administration regulation, operator adjustable
Controller Type: Phone/Tablet + Remote Control
Compatible Cameras: GoPro Hero 3+, GoPro Hero 3, and GoPro Hero 4
3DR Solo App Name: 3DR SOLO

Advantages & Disadvantages

Let us check out some pros and cons of this drone.


  • The quadcopter gives us incredible flight duration for its dimension.
  • It will lead to stable flights.
  • As per the customers, the model has shown to be sturdily sustaining no damages with some crashes.
  • The video style game transmitter makes operations easy for the device.
  • Many other capabilities make your aerial photography flight an unforgettable one.
  • It boasts computerized ground-breaking technology that offers it an advanced intelligence for making flying fun and easy.
  • Instead of worrying about how to fly it or unleashing its potential only push the control and take flight.
  • It is high on standard, with features such as orbit and “Follow” flight mode that does not exist even on the hottest drones, including the evergreen DJI Phantom 3 Drone.
  • It allows you to capture aerial photographs other models just cannot match, offering you a depth and angles that currently cannot be reached out.


  • The quadcopter includes no camera and it is thus an extra cost.
  • The transmitter comes with no display to trace the device as well as a smartphone should be a party to your flights.
  • The problem of the 3D Robotics Solo is it is cost and the lack of Gimbal. Even though it is greater than worthy of the price, it is significantly higher compared to other models, like the DJI Phantom 3 Drone.
  • Indeed, it has much to offer. However, the Phantom Quadcopter is an ideal alternative that some customers might select if it boils down to the budget. Particularly, when you consider that you need to buy the 3DR Solo Gimbal separately; the Phantom 3 model has the gimbal technology.

In a nutshell, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this device. In case, you are searching for a smart drone that can deliver you longer flight duration, long shelf life, and reliability; it is the perfect model for you. It is everyone-drone.

Features Overview

Also called the Solo “Intelligent” Quadcopter, this drone offers lots of unique features and advantages that make it among the best quadcopters in the world.

While these functions may already found in other drones, they have never been combined into one model. Let us spend this section of the review discussing what these significant advantages and features are:

Attractive LED Lighting

One system that stands out regarding the drone is its colored LED lights system. With one light located on every wing, you can fly at night time quickly.

Most models, such as the Syma X5C, got their LED’s placed in the center of the body’s arms. The 3DR Solo, nevertheless, has them placed at the edges (one on every corner).

Therefore, it ends up bringing plenty of visual appeal to the device.

1 GHz Dual Linux Computers

As much as the “memory” of the quadrotor is involved, this particular product includes Linux dual computers. For anybody who is not familiar with PC specifications, it means that the quad can respond to commands quicker compared to normal (for example no “lag” time).

880 KV Powerful Motors

No Solo Drone evaluation would be finalized without referring to the drone’s motors. This machine includes 880 KV powerful motors, that appear to deliver the ideal combination of speed and torque.

Li-P0 5,200mAh 14.8 V Battery

The quadcopters’ 5,200mAh Li-P0 battery enables it to reach out to a decent flight duration of about 25 minutes (with no camera). Notice that it is the drone’s “maximum” flight period.

The quadcopter’s flight period may be a bit less. It will depend on how fast you are hovering the quadcopter drone if there is wind blowing, and lastly if you are recording.

We want to say in this 3DR Solo drone review that this machine includes glass fortified self-tightening nylon propellers. Most quadrotors have standard plastic props. However, these are prone to damage pretty quickly.

The glass-reinforced self-tightening nylon propellers dramatically reduce the odds of damaging a propeller. With all of these outstanding functions, it is simple to find out why the 3DR Solo drone is among the best-selling quadcopters on the market.

3DR Solo Drone Introduction

This 3DR Solo drone review shows you the features found in this top drone. The 3D Robotics Solo is a highly sophisticated drone that is guaranteed to please most drone flyers.

You can record Hollywood level movie videos at the touch of some controls. The finish, quality, build, and fit of this model is fantastic.

The matte 3DR Solo drone black finish brands this device a magnificent looking and sleek drone. Each drone’s arm has LED colored lights to allow you to set up its orientation creatively.

You can configure the “color of the LED lights” the way you like. The landing gears are not rigid and offer a bit of flex for a smooth landing.

Once you do buy your brand-new 3DR Solo with Gimbal, we understand you are likely to be desperate to switch it on as well as the take-off for flight.

A list of pre-flight actions is taking a moment to do the compass and level calibration process. It will make sure that the device flies and hovers level. Go through the entire 3DR Solo review for more information.

Packaging & Box

The first thing you will realize about the 3D Robotics Solo Quadcopter is that “unboxing” the model should be a pleasant experience. All the 3DR Solo accessories are professionally and neatly packaged within, showing that 3D Robotics company went beyond and above to make the top item possible.

What Is In The Package

3DR Solo packaging

  • 1 x 3DR Solo quadcopter
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 6 x spare propellers
  • 1 x 5200 mAh battery
  • 1 x battery charger
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Carrying case

Another factor we enjoy about the quadcopter’s packaging is which it could double as a travel case if required. The truth is, it is the small reasons such as this which make the Solo unique itself from the competition. You can also buy a 3DR Solo backpack separately.

If you remember from a previous assessment, the Dromida Ominus Quadcopter offers a similarly beautiful presentation and packaging, and it is an excellent quad too.

Having said that, let us move on in our assessment to explain to you everything it offers.

Design and Durability

The UAV has been mainly created for recording the finest in aerial videography and photography. To do this, it runs with twin “1 GHz computers” that offer the device its recognition of an intelligent drone.

It comes with lots of world’s first technologies which can result in several security measures and high-performance flights to make you free of problems.

3DR Solo drone review

When it comes to design, the quadcopter is simple as well as promotes a simplified body. Every part is designed from sturdy materials to maintain the quadcopter’s safe integrity during aggressive flights.

The props, designed from reinforced nylon, are “10×4.5 inches in dimension” as well as are auto-tightening for more stable, smoother flight. That is the reason why they are very powerful and make an efficient take-off.

The arms are one of the powerful ones you can get in the industry and, to offer safety for rough landings, they’re kind of rigid. The entire item is lightweight which makes it simple to maneuver and fly around in mid-air.

About the sturdiness, the quadcopter has got fairly good reactions from the customers. Even in direct contact with another obstacle (bushes, tree, walls, etc.) the machine can withstand pretty well. In one scenario, the quad had a confrontation with a high tree.

However, other than the props, it suffered no other harm. It is hence obvious of how durable this mini-drone is. It is especially useful for novices who are perfecting the skill of flight and are likely to make some collisions roughly.

Shooting Modes and Gimbal

In this section of the review, we are going to discuss the drone’s Gimbal. Including the best gimbal technology can enable you to record a better aerial video than in case you did not own a gimbal system altogether.

The Solo Quadcopter’s three-axis gimbal, which comes available, will boost your high video coverage as well as let you record video that you in no way could have been possible to take with affordable models. Furthermore, ensure to make use of the quad’s (Smart Shots) functions. These consist of:

Orbit Flight Mode

In this flight mode, the drone will do a wrap-around shot of everything by themselves.

Selfie Flight Mode

As you can guess, the quad will keep you in the focus of an aerial shot while in this flight mode.

Follow Flight Mode

Just like the 3DR Iris+ model, the 3DR Solo quadcopter has the potential to follow as well as shoot you. The stand out thing? It is totally touch-free.

If you are a first-time flyer with little aerial photography or videography experience, these functions make you seem like an expert right away.

Solo Controller

Just like the well-known DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus, the Solo Quadcopter’s controller includes a case for a smartphone or tablet. It is how you will hover in First-person view (FPV) flight mode.

As you have seen from the image (above), the controller is clean, professional-looking, and simplistic. It includes an LCD screen, two joysticks, trim/power buttons, and lastly, a come to home control.

3DR Solo drone controller

What we enjoy most regarding the controller is the little LCD screen underneath the mobile gadget casing offers you along with essential diagnostics concerning flight (height, battery life, etc.).

While flying in a wide-open space, the controller offers a 3DR Solo range of nearly 800 meters, which is exceptional.

Flight Time and Battery

As said earlier, a Li-poly 5200 mAh battery is provided in the box. Based on the companies, this battery could maintain the quad-powered for an excellent 25 minutes or so.

If you attach your GoPro camera with the model, you are about to have a flight duration of twenty or so minutes. However, with no camera, on a gentle flight over the air, the device can fly for 22 to 23 minutes.

3DR Solo battery and flight time

For a quick flight along with demanding weather climates, the device offers a flight period varying in between 15-18 minutes.

Lastly, the battery needs about 95 minutes to get completely charged hence it is recommended to have an extra battery in case you do not like to halt your flight experience with such exciting figures for flight duration, the Solo quad is among the finest in its league.


The drone doesn’t include a camera. However, is made to be utilized with a specific GoPro video camera. This quadcopter is promoted as featuring complete compatibility with a GoPro video camera.

Solo camera

Nevertheless, you cannot directly shoot GoPro pictures on the model. What you could perform is have a screen grabbing of the video and image of what’s being viewed on your smartphone or tablet.

You also cannot activate the camera using the transmitter itself. You need to switch it on by hand before it’s ready to take pictures. Nevertheless, the streamed real-time footage via the GoPro cam to the smart gadget is yet a cool function.

Flight Performance

The 3DR Solo drone is not hard to hover. After you check out the 20 minutes 3DR Academy flight footage, you are all set to fly this device airborne.

3D Robotics drone taking flight

This model has plenty of pre-configured flight modes. On the selfie flight mode, the quad flies in your direction from preset locations A as well as B for a good looking shot. Using the cable cam mode the device operates from one point to another like if, as the label suggests, the video camera was gliding on a wire.

The orbit flight mode instructs the quad to (circle) the transmitter at a pre-configured range while maintaining the video camera faced at you directly. Follow flight mode keeps the quadcopter following the operator.

The intelligence of the UAV autopilot feature makes sure that you won’t crash this durable flying machine. It features steady flight dynamics as well as can compensate for the sudden gusts of wind.

3DR Solo Drone Review Wrap-Up

In general, the 3DR Solo Quadcopter Drone is an example of all the things a quad must-have. Showing the path for future quadcopters with its advanced technology as well as the ability to take amazing pictures you will not find anyplace else.

With regards to steep budget, it is well worth it since it is a buy which will just increase in worth with time. Using a transmitter that makes hovering almost instinctive, this model is a go-to choice for anybody who needs to enjoy the final height of cinematography and flight.


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