Top 5 Drones for Real Estate Photography

best drones for real estate photographyAre you searching for the best drones for real estate photography, Well, you have come to the right article.

Real estate drone photography is undoubtedly turning into the next trend in the industry. Here is everything you have to learn about real estate drone business, along with the top 5 drones to make high-quality marketing photos and videos.

As you likely already noticed, Quadcopters are becoming a lot more popular in real estate video and photography. The reason why is straightforward.

Drones for real estate marketing are valuable since they allow you to get airborne photo shoots and videos of the property with techniques you could completely not able to complement without a camera drone.

One marketing evolution that is changing the real estate market’s face is drone footage. Successful agents of real estate understand they need to consistently stick to their plans for the most recent real estate advertising trends.

So that feels just right, it is probably the perfect solution to cheaply get that incredible aerial photography which shows off your property beautifully.

It is beyond important to buy a high-quality drone having autonomous flight modes and a great camera for the explicit video possible. Do not just get any old quadcopter to make the real estate films. Here are our five best drones for real estate:

Top 5 Picks for Drones for Real Estate

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter DroneIt has all you need – autonomous flight mode, great flight and image stabilization, excellent camera, and other functions that will prove useful when you require them the foremost.

The DJI Phantom 4 Drone is a good buy if you take into account the accessories you will get. As we are in it, do you know the majority of the realtors are choosing this particular model? Yes, it is true.

However, for the reason of making this guide clean and beautiful, we will not go through each one of these – the product itself is outstanding.

This 5 kilometers flight range and 28 minutes of flight duration beast are becoming popular with every passing day.

So what is left there to mention about this flying machine, except that it is the finest drone for a realtor?

For the expensive price tag, you are buying a high-quality drone and lots of accessories that are about to boost your business portfolio, mainly when you are in the real estate sector. In conclusion, it is one of the top aerial photo platforms regarding performance and price.

DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1 Drone ReviewIt has about a control range of 2 kilometers and a flight time of 18 minutes, which is a lot more than you want for a few excellent housing shots.

The DJI Inspire 1 is probably the most high-priced (and the best) model on this top 5 list. As you could see, it is a good all-around unit by any means.

Another beautiful thing is its arms go upwards when it is airborne, eliminating jitter on the video with a competent and great mechanic.

It features a solid 4K camera attached to a three-axis stabilization for ideal picture smoothness and quality.

DJI integrated an interesting ability that enables you to use two controllers linked to a single drone.

It lets you get two users handling it; one hovers it around seeking for that optimal position while the next one records videos and takes images.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Hexacopter

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Hexacopter DroneThe Yuneec’s flagship hexacopter comes at the third position in this countdown.

It is all about the transmitter itself. For the sake of specification, with standard batteries, it can fly 25 minutes on mid-air, and travel as much as 1.5 kilometers aside from its unique ST16 controller.

However, honestly, it justifies the hefty selling price by offering you with amazing capabilities for both business and home scenarios.

It arrives with a dedicated ST16 transmitter along with a huge built-in screen (7-inches diagonally) powered by Android. It means you do not require the smartphone for getting FPV feed, turning on/off, or controlling.

It has an internal collision avoidance feature in a venture with Intel company as well as their RealSense tech, making the device fly seamlessly over the sky with smooth silk ease.

Do not worry; it sports the best in the business 4K camera installed on a 360-degree anti-vibration gimbal that is, together, can provide you with expert quality videos and images.

You are a real estate professional, so one thing you are most curious in is its camera.

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic ProMost will say it is the finest drone for real estate photography. In case, you are regularly on the run, and you cannot carry a large drone for sale together with you, in that case, the DJI Mavic Pro is the best possible option.

Combine it with a flight time of over 27 minutes, and you shall start to know why it made its presence onto this top 5 list.

This small brother is foldable making it extra portable and accounts for the incredible level of mobility.

And with obstacle avoidance sensors and flight range of whopping 7 kilometers, you will never need to bother about it falling out of sight.

It is super simple to prepare for takeoff and unfold. Also, it is essential to point out it has GLONASS systems and GPS inbuilt, making it zip through mid-air effortlessly while offering you with smooth video.

What is best of all, it sports a 3-axis mechanical gimbal together with a 4K video camera. It will help you have that picture-perfect take each time.

UPair One Plus Drone

UPair One Plus DroneIf your company is still expanding and you are unable to manage a high-end model still, the UPair One Plus Drone is the go-to choice.

The cheapest option in this guide comes from the GTEN Innovation brand. That, of course, did an excellent job with this drone.

All features considered, it is the most economical option capable of taking high-quality real estate videos. You will get an excellent drone built with a 4K camera that can shoot amazing videos and images.

Regarding the battery, this model sports an original 5400mAh battery that can endure as much as flight time of 18 minutes.

With regards to its capabilities, it includes all the essential ones like auto return if the battery is low, failsafe auto-return, one key return, and an excellent GPS system used mainly for picture stabilization.

The First-person view range will go on for around 500 meters as the communication distance exceeds that amount by 300 meters.

Another good thing concerning this quad is it features an inbuilt 7-inch LED screen on the dedicated transmitter (which appears incredible), giving this Drone FPV capability you always needed the most.

What Is Real Estate Drone Photography?

For a real estate agent, drones are great partners. The best drones for real estate photography lets you add the sweeping, dramatic video of the interior and exterior of a home in your property listings.

Although, you should know the legal guidelines of handling a quadcopter for a commercial application.

However, the range of drones out there for sale is overwhelming which makes it difficult to decide what drone you ought to pick and that is where this post proves useful.

real estate drone photography

Drones could fly around the property and the house, getting video and images from new perspectives and offering an unparalleled range of viewpoints.

Nevertheless, because drones have started to rapidly increase their capacity to get footage in the past couple of years, they have turned into good options for marketers.

There are a few clear applications for quadcopters as delivery vehicles plus for hobbyists. However, not many users think about how drones are changing the real estate sector.

See our “what is a drone” post to know what are drones used for today other than real estate marketing.

Keep in mind to not get over-excited – the drone is there to create your job simple and help the customers selecting their next home, not to enjoy yourself this time.

Use the best drones to take pictures and videos you cannot adopt any other method.

Advantages of Using Drones to Market Real Estate

Nowadays brokers and real estate agents believe the drone’s application in the property marketing business is more helpful compared to the default camera.

Therefore, a camera drone is used its advantages are listed below.

Give an Advantage to Company

Your brand impression will improve as customers understand they can count on high-quality videos from you. Add drone footage with all of your property listings, and you will quickly become recognized for it.

Cut Costs

Compare an airborne shooting through a drone and a helicopter, the drone filming is way affordable. Arranging some planes and purchasing expensive cameras are not possible. In contrast, the drone is readily available and a much less costly option.

More Exciting Virtual Tours

Drone video can quickly turn a boring footage tour clips into something which seems like it was taken directly from Hollywood studios.

Highlight Extra Property Features

Aerial videography and photography will highlight the real estate feature more efficiently. Walk paths, front yards, pools, backyards, and landscaping are an essential aspect of promoting any home to a lot of sellers and buyers. Therefore, are nearby places are recorded with the drones.

More Powerful Pictures

With pre-determined trip features, you could also program the drone to zip via a whole property, getting a video of every room. It is for creating a seamless film instead of one which cuts from one room to another.

Tricks on Using a Drone for Real Estate Photos

It is better to study from other people who have gone through it before if you are likely to outsource it or do it yourself.

Some of the implications which will assist you in capturing your very first drone video clip highlighted below.

  • Work with a local drone expert.
  • Have reasonable expectations.
  • Take steady, long shots.
  • Always utilize a three-axis gimbal.
  • Add Steadicam / Glidecam video to make a smooth video.
  • Always shoot the essential video clip more than a single time.
  • Always fly together with the breeze.
  • Travel safe and sound.

Regulations and Rules for Commercial Use

It is evident that marketing drone services are legal given that the business abides by wise practice rules. During the past, the Federal Aviation Administration has sent mixed messages about the drone equipment’s use for commercial applications.

For instance, to fly these gadgets commercially, agencies must file FAA’s 333 exemption and adhere to the below rules.

  • Should not hover through a moving automobile.
  • 400 feet (the maximum height).
  • Should not pilot over the public.
  • The pilot must maintain a line of sight (visual) on the aircraft all the time.
  • Should yield to manned UAV.
  • Must fly at only daylight hours.
  • 100 miles per hour (The maximum velocity).
  • There are places where the drone is strictly restricted. These include any areas within 5 miles of an airport and sports stadiums.

Registering your drone is simple to perform on the FAA site, which costs just $5 to register as many units as you have.

In case, you own a drone bigger than 0.5 pounds of weight, in that case, you have to register the aircraft at the FAA website. Unregistered drone confronted with a fine as high as $25,000 per drone.


On the whole, real estate drone photography has become the greatest trend this industry is facing now. Get one of the above reviewed high-end models to make expert-level real estate footage, boost traffic to the listings, and make sales much quicker.

There are lots of excellent drones in the marketplace. The five listed in this article are the finest of the finest regarding making property video considered.

From these five, the Phantom 4 Pro by DJI is our best pick. It is the top drone for real estate video/photography currently available on the market. In case, you could manage it.

If you are bound to a smaller price range, the DJI Mavic Pro and the UPair One Plus Drone are perfect alternatives. You still can pull off a few incredible shots; it will just need some more effort.

Having said that, we hope this list served you make up a decision. We have done our level best to offer you useful details about every single one of these best drones for real estate photography.