Top 10 Best Drone for Kids – Friendly and Safe to Use

Drone for KidsAre you searching for safe and easy drones for kids? If you are then you have come to the write article since you will find the best drones which are kid friendly.

The main reason you can’t buy any drone for kid because drone market is full of various quad-copter models and factors such as price, brand and features is also not a reliable factors when deciding weather a drone suitable for you kid or not.

So in this article we have selected top 10 drone models for kids and these drones are selected on factors such protection, toughness, size, ease of use, price and finally fun. So check each model and get the best and safest drone you like for you kids.

In the every model’s evaluation, we have outlined what’s amazing and what’s not good to assist you before making the decision to buy the best quadcopter.

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We have tried more than 20 new models and selected the best ten kids drones. All set for flight? Let us begin.

Syma X5C

Syma X5C QuadcopterThe Syma X5C is a superb quadcopter, not just for youngsters, also for children.

That is since it satisfies the four characteristics we mentioned previously: it is lightweight/small, includes propeller guards, is simple to take-off, and will not cost too much.

It is responsive, fast, and has a drone camera. The drone’s camera is ok (do not assume HD-quality for that cost). It enables you to do flips in the trigger of the control stick! Your child will like this model. We assure it.

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UDI U818A QuadcopterThe UDI U818A Drone is simply a close competitor for the Syma X5C. That is since they either cost comparable and provide approximately the same specifications. It gets nearly seven minutes of trip time on an individual charge. That is above par for the cost.

The key reason why it is among the best drones for children is since it includes integrated propeller guards that entirely circle the props.

Therefore, suppose your child crashes (that will be totally possible if it is their very first moment hovering), they will not lose their propellers. Overall, it is one of the greatest drone with camera for kids.

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Cheerson CX-10

Cheerson CX-10 Mini QuadcopterOf all of the drones for children with this listing, the CX-10 drone is perhaps the ideal for teens and children. Why? Since it is sufficiently small to hover indoors. Though small, it is a great starter quadcopter.

It will educate you on the basic principles of hovering until you are prepared to progress to some more expensive product.

The sole problem is the fact that smaller ones have short flight duration (the CX-10 quadcopter includes a flight period of around four to five minutes maximum). Because it is cheap kids quad, We would recommend purchasing a couple of these. This way, suppose one fails, at least your child may have one more to play and fly.

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Hubsan X4 H107L

Hubsan X4 (H107L) QuadcopterThe X4 Hubsan H107L Quadcopter is one among those remote control drone that is ideal for both adults and drone kids. With no battery inserted, it weighs only 28 grams or so.

To help you probably fly it indoor and never have to be worried about doing whatever significant harm to your home. Also, the drone quickly charges (approximately 40 minutes) as well as can hover for around eight minutes on one charge.

In general, this is magnificent. Children will like that this quadcopter is simple to handle. Just ensure that they do not change the flight modes to “Pro Mode,” which may be tough to manage. It is on the list of top toy drones for kids.

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Hubsan X4 H107C

Hubsan X4 H107C QuadcopterThe X4 Hubsan H107C is just a close relative for the Hubsan H107L. Although they appear similar, there is a large, important distinction between these two models: The H107C model has a drone camera. Currently, if you wish to turn your child happy this season, get them a toy drone with camera having a camera add-on. They will enjoy it.

We will confess the camera resolution is not crystal-clear, but it is enough to build up individuals and other items. It is among the top drones for children which you could purchase. It costs a somewhat reasonably good value that will be an incredible deal. It can be a real quad copter to develop your abilities till you are prepared to progress to some more expensive product.

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Parrot Rolling Spider

Parrot Rolling SpiderAs you have seen from the image, the Parrot Rolling Spider is simply a unique quadcopter. That is since it has a set of wheel-designed propeller guards on either corner of the gadget. It help secure the drone’s propellers and body from the accident.

Like the similar Parrot Bebop Drone, you can manage this drone using a tablet or smartphone. Considering how familiar kids have become with electronics, it likely will not be considered an issue.

Notice, you do not need to take flight having the propeller guards. After your child becomes much more savvy behind the handles, he or she may take-them-off to improve their flying abilities.

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Dromida Ominus

Dromida Ominus FPV QuadcopterDo not let its “aggressive” design to trick you- the highest-rated Dromida Ominus Quadcopter is a youngster-friendly model. It is a fact; it is among the several drones which may truly have a beating as well as continue hovering. There are certainly a few factors to learn about this mini kids drone. First of all, it is an extended flight period. Like remarkably long.

During the test flight, We have been able to attain a regular trip period around 11 minutes. Not harmful to an inexpensive item. Lastly, the Dromida Ominus Drone includes a distinctive appearance to it (just like a monster), which children will like. Like most of the drones with this countdown, it is also effective at doing one-switch stunts (no expertise required). Overall, it is one of the best quadcopter for kids.

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Air Hogs Helix X4

Air Hogs Helix X4The very first thing you will notice regarding this gadget is the point that it is protected in foam cover. For youngsters, it can be a positive news (or for almost any RC pilot actually). Due to the distinctive style, the Helix Air Hogs X4 can have a pounding. The typical trip duration for this item is approximately six minutes. Observe that it is a below-par.

In case, you hover solidly, or suppose there are lots of breeze present; it will be lower. Fully charging the drone’s battery bundle to max potential only requires around half an hour, that will significantly less compared to the popular X8C (that requires three hours).

It is among the greatest & most fascinating best drones for kids for that inescapable reality that it may take a pounding, regardless of where you are flying it around.

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Estes Proto X

Estes Proto XLooking it back, we have the well-known Estes Proto-X Quadcopter. This micro quadcopter is very fun to take flight. Even though it scales out at only 5.6 x 4.1 x 2.6 inches, it features an extraordinary level of flight thrust, letting you zip through the mid-air effortlessly. Just like many mini quadcopters, anticipate a trip period of four to six minutes.

Again, it could be often lower or higher based on many elements (where you are hovering it, your style of flight, and so on). It is a reasonably powerful drone which could certainly withstand some collisions.

After ramming our one into the wall, the ceiling fan, as well as a steel seat, all we have to carry out was change some props. Not a deal breaker to this kind of cheap drone.

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Eachine H8 Mini

Eachine H8 MiniThe H8 Eachine Mini Drone is right on the scaled-down side, which makes it among the top remote control drones for teenagers available. One reason it is so common is since it provides a “Come-back-to-Home” function. What’s exactly it?

This feature, which could trigger in the press of the handle, enables the best drone for kids to come back towards its initial take-off position. Having a flight period of six minutes, a maximum charging period of half an hour, along with a lightweight/durable construction, it ticks all of the requirements that we explained at the buyer guide section. Both teens and children will enjoy this starter unmanned aerial vehicle.

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Honorable Mention

Blade Nano QX

Blade Nano QX RTF QuadcopterThe main reason we put this blade nano qx an honorable mention is as it is not inexpensive enough, in our view, to be called a great model for teenagers. Although it is mini and includes propeller guards, the cost is just a little high when compared with the different gadgets on the marketplace.

It gets nearly eight minutes of trip duration and fully charge in around 40 minutes or so. The quad includes both a slick transmitter and a sleek body. Because of the drone’s trademark SAFE flight technology, managing it will not be too difficult. For teenagers, this product may be ok. However for little ones it not suggested.

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9 Qualities to Consider When Shopping for a Kids Drone

Toy Quadcopter searching for a teen (or kid) is different from searching for a grown up. Children need drones which are simple to control which will not cost too much. Listed below are nine characteristics to consider when searching for a model to buy for your child:

toy drone

Drones for Kids Buyers Guide

Now as you understand the top drones for kids, listed below is a bit of helpful information on how exactly to master hovering them.

kids drone

Wrapping It Up – Toy Drones

There you have it- ten drones which are ideal for teens and kids. All the quadcopters recommended above are reliable, fun and sturdy that children should enjoy. Also, if you are a grown up starter, these aircraft’s also are ideal to have you involved and train your flight abilities, before getting onto fancier and costlier ones.

The factors we select these since they are effortless to handle, will not cost too much and are somewhat small (a few are even little enough in size to have hovered inside). If confused, opt for the UDI U818A or Syma X5C drone. These are great kids drones that can offer you the best bang for the investment. In case, you got any doubts about this collection of best drones for kids drop them within our comments box underneath. The sky is the limit. Lastly, all the best.


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