Best Drones for GoPro 2020 – Top 10 Models for HQ Video

best drone for goproWhen you are searching for the best drone for GoPro, you’re looking for the ideal quadcopter that you could pilot via tight nooks and spaces without compromising video quality.

An effective drone that is suitable to GoPro should have high performance in important areas such as flight time, mount and holder, battery life, stability, maneuverability, and noise.

A go pro drone should be able to take an expert photo and record high-quality video. These drones are mostly used by users who are playing out-door sports, naturally enthusiastic, video creator, outdoor climber and finally people who work in fields that require aerial photography such as real estate photography and wedding photography business.

GoPro is almost like an industry “BAR” when it comes to capturing videos and this statement is backed up by thousands of users and professionals all around the world.

So a drone for Go Pro should have the ability to mount a GoPro camera to the bottom of its underside through a gimbal or a fixed mount bracket.

In this article, we selected the top 10 drone models which are suitable to mount a GoPro or comes with a GoPro. These models are chosen based on flight time, camera compatibility, video stability, and drone functions and their abilities.

Best Drones For Gopro List

Dji Phantom 4 Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter for SalesA primary reason why this particular is a best-selling GoPro quadcopter is due to the gimbal stabilization system. You can fly with convenience, and record 4k ultra-high-definition drone video clip at 30 frames per second with the integrated camera.

An improved vision positioning system and a twin satellite positioning technology has made this drone more reliable and much safer compared to other GoPro drones for sale.

The u-frame 3-axis camera stabilization feature also cancels out unnecessary camera movements while in any flight, low or high. Finally it able to travel as much as 45 miles per hour (MPH).

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Dji Phantom 2 Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter V2.0 BundleThis drone is created for making aerial videos and photos because it has the ability stable during a flight time. Therefore recordings will be high-quality.

Best of all, it is Ready-to-Fly (RTF) therefore all you have to do is attach the propellers, fully charge the Lithium Polymer battery, and you’re ready for take-off.

Suppose you suffer a loss of transmitter, this drone quadcopter will return home because of the built-in return to home feature. It also offers GPS and many, programmable functions, and they could be reached through the USB port.

Handling this GoPro flying drone is also simple compared to other DJI models. However, do not forget that it is a high-end model but the price reasonable to the functions and feedback received from actual customers. Overall, it is one of the best drones for the GoPro Hero 4 series.

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3DR Solo Quadcopter

3DR Solo QuadcopterIt is a mid-range best quadcopter for GoPro with intelligent processing abilities. The trip range is about 2,600 ft (~800 meters.) as well as the flight period is approximately 25 minutes.

It offers a couple of cool functions such as a cable cam mode which holds the quadcopter over a virtual perpendicular cable, and an orbit flight mode to circle perfectly around what you’re capturing.

This smart quadcopter also has an option of a brushless 3-axis gimbal. However, it renders a steady picture and video shooting adventure even without one.

Additionally, it comes along with an iOS or Android app which enables you to access and control the drone through your smartphone.

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Ionic Stratus Drone

Ionic Stratus Drone QuadcopterIt is a cheap drone which has a specially-built GoPro bracket. In case, you are a novice in the quadcopter flying hobby, in that case, this is the type of GoPro copter that best matches you.

It features a headless mode which renders alignment to make a hands-free process. It might not contain the 25+ minutes of trip duration such as other expensive models but, you can buy an extra battery to increase its flight duration.

This Ionic Stratus drone is the most suitable option if you love the bigger size and unique drone build compared to other models in the market.

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Yuneec Typhoon G Quadcopter

Yuneec Typhoon G Quadcopter ReviewNot just it arrives with a steady three axis gimbal particularly made for a GoPro camera, it’s also an extremely reliable and resistant drone.

Flying it is intuitive and easy using the ST10+ remote controller, which also features an LCD where you could set instructions for examples such as Watch-me and Follow-me mode.

Either in case you are an expert or a novice, you can believe in this quadcopter to support you take incredible pictures using your camera, with as much as 20 minutes flight duration.

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BLADE Chroma Quadcopter

GoPro quadcopterIt is an intermediate to a high-end quadcopter that arrives GoPro camera ready. It is an excellent rival against other choices in this list so it’s worth checking out. It is built to offer you simple shooting of videos and photos.

It is equipped with a brushless 3-axis gimbal, a whopping 30 minutes of flight duration, tracking functions and a Follow-me mode, and simple controls that have an Android touch display in the ST-10+ transmitter.

It also features a trip range of around 1,900 ft (~600 meters) and maximizes GPS technology for its flexible flight boundaries.

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Blade 350 QX3 RTF Quadcopter

drone with GoPro mountThis drone has been designed for those who prefer recording videos and photos from the sky, it comes together with matching functions.

The style is specially selected, to offer smooth flight experience, to make captures of the high-quality.

This model is newbie-friendly so it offers more freedom in control, and you will get started to easily use this after some minutes and flight duration is 15 minutes with 300 meters flying radius.

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3DR IRIS (915) Quadcopter

best GoPro droneIt has good set features and low weight that enable it to be among the top models for this reason.

It also does not come along with a GoPro camera so; you will need to buy this add-on on your own.

The flight duration is around 16 as well as 22 minutes.

The style is another good factor in this model, because of its frame it delivers excellent maneuverability in mid-air.

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cheap drone for GoProThe stealthy Ghost 2.0 quadcopter is a rugged model.

It features a pre-assembled 3-axis gimbal that is compatible with every GoPro option above the three series.

It also arrives with four flight modes which make it reasonably simple to get used to this quadcopter without any previous experience.

This links with any iOS or Android device where it acts as a transmitter.

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Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter

Cheerson CX-20It is another good drone which taken the last spot on our list due some issues.

It has a flight range of only 300 meters and it may be impacted by the atmosphere of the trip.

The model has an integrated MX autopilot technology that allows high-quality flight functionality as well as a GPS option.

Lets you change between Attitude Control and GPS Attitude Mode to get your desired flight adventure.

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What is a GoPro Camera?

The GoPro is a type of high-definition action camera that are utilized for digital aerial photography as well as in creating the clips in the intense action sports.

At the moment, the GoPro shooting gadgets are popular in the marketplace with regards to the HD action cameras. They include a water-resistant metal frame, as well as in most situations, and it comes as a drone with a GoPro camera mount bracket.

As a result, it can record clips during different extreme circumstances without being broken. There are several quality GoPro gadgets in the marketplace.

However, the Hero 4 Session camera series is among the best models of which you can get currently. A 30 fps 1440p video and modern design, make this series exceptional.

The majority of drones do not contain the included cam in their mount. However, they accommodate it, and also you can attach it on your own.

Additionally, when ordering such a quadcopter, take notice of the gimbal to the video camera – in case it is bundled or not.

Credits to the gimbal system, the action camera is set therefore the shakes and vibrations cannot damage your clip. It offers many benefits over the normal camera stabilizers.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Drone for GoPro

When searching for drone products with a Go Pro, you must consider many things. Among many, you should be aware of the kind of camera, weight, and size of a particular drone, its control and flight abilities, battery life, design, etc. Obviously, you have to compare and contrast the prices too.

Therefore, let us check out all these problems one by one.

The camera

Probably essential things when choosing such a quadcopter is the kind of GoPro which is included with your model. You need to realize how quality video a specific camera can make.

Because of this, carefully examine the features of your camera which are mounted to a specific quadcopter. It is a unique small camera which can be attached to a quadcopter, and it enables users to record video while piloting their flying machines.

This camera could be mounted on different objects and devices. There are a variety of several GoPro gadgets out there. However, in case you are searching for a top-quality unit, you have to order one which offers the dominant functions and is appropriate for your miniature UAV.

Weight and Size

Apart from the technical characteristics, weight and size are another couple of important things to take into account. Obviously, everybody likes owning the best quadcopter with a camera that is lightweight and small in dimension.

However, to get the best functionalities alike. With regards to the dimension, most modern drone models that cater a Go Pro are approximately (15 to 25 inches) in diameter as well as about five to ten inches high.

It is excellent to own such a sophisticated UAV on such a tiny scale. On the flip side, the weight of the drone is also somewhat low, because of these models’ weight from three to ten pounds because of the low weight and small size, they have outstanding camera balance while piloting.


You have to agree with the fact that the properly designed products would appeal to your interest with no knowledge of their flying characteristics.

In contrast to the models in a few other sections, almost all these kinds of ones have a nice design. The frame, color, and smoothness of edges add the majority to the overall outlook of a particular unit.

Of course, it simply a point of individual taste.

Flight abilities

Being these quadcopters are designed for high-quality photos and footage. The flight abilities also should be the finest. The good flight balance and a variety of trip modes (with a roll-off, 3D flips, and so on.) are of huge concern with regards to these models.

Apart from the flight abilities, the flight range and flight time are also essential things you have to take into account. The flight duration relies on the capability of electric batteries, as well as it varies from ten to 35 minutes in common.

When it comes to trip range, for example how long a quadcopter may fly using its controller or base, it differs from 150 to 300 meters. Obviously, the longer trip time and further control range are a couple of great benefits.

Control functions

For this problem, you need to pay attention to the control mode and is a quadcopter drone that could be handled effortlessly. Nowadays advanced units can be handled by the smart devices rather than the typical transmitters, and the majority of models include GPS guided trip modes.

Your gadget must feature simple control panels and improved remote settings with many various modes.

Life of the battery

Such a Drone for GoPro 4 or less needs rechargeable, long-lasting batteries. These models make use of the special Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries to operate and the high-capacity batteries of which it offers the longer trip time.

Nevertheless, these battery types need 60 minutes or perhaps more to recharge.


As said previously, these outstanding drones often sell from 300 to 1000 dollars. All right, it may sound costly for a few people looking for GoPro drone cheap.

However, when you understand what a sophisticated gadget you receive for that cost, you will also understand that such a cost is fairly cost-effective indeed.

For your information, you cannot capture the high-quality videos and photos from the sky using the inexpensive models. Is that okay?

Other factors to take into account when getting a miniature UAV that accommodates Go Pro camera: control transmitter, gimbal characteristics, propellers, motors, FPV system, frame, included parts in a bundle, and the manufacturer warranty or guarantee of a specific model.

As a result, take into account all of these functions when getting a product to buy the top drone with GoPro on the marketplace. It’s not a simple choice. However, you have to understand what you should want.

Not Certain What GoPro Drone to Buy?

When searching for the GoPro drone, you should know the disadvantages of a specific model, apart from its great functions. It will support you much if you’re still not certain what unit to purchase.

Compare and contrast the above-reviewed models with regards to their designs, specifications, and cost. In addition to these ten models, you have to check out the other alternatives found on the market as well.

In the below section, you are about to know the advantages and disadvantages of the quadcopters that facilitate Go Pro cameras, normally talking about this kind of drone.


  • These quadcopters facilitate a Go Pro, and for that reason, they could be utilized for high-quality photos and videos. Besides the excellent camera, you have to attach an appropriate gimbal for the camera. Or else, you shall be restricted to just one view perspective, which considerably minimizes your recording capabilities. This type of drone can make outstanding photos and footage from the sky.
  • They have outstanding flight abilities, ultra-stable flight and various flight modes. Most products have security features that avoid accidents, and a built-in GPS technology in their underside. Also, these models are pretty simple to handle and straightforward to pilot. Most units offer to stream through WiFi to iOS devices and Android devices. Therefore, you receive FPV (First-person view) while piloting your drone.
  • These models have intelligent flight modes. Therefore you can soar a device in whatever way with convenience. Besides the regular control capabilities (for example backward, forward, upward, downward, leftward, and rightward flight), the majority of these outstanding models also feature other sophisticated transmitters, like one button three-dimensional (3D) roll feature, automatic come back to home ability, and so on. Even greater, they could be handled by an Android gadget, for instance, a smart device.
  • It could be utilized for various purposes as Go Pro gadgets are commonly employed in the intense action sports, for example, the racing, mountain biking, rafting, surfing, paragliding, snow skiing, as well as for other intense sports. Regarding the drones, they’re used by many expert companies, mostly in surveillance and for surveying intentions. This system is “in growth,” therefore, they will benefit applications in various places in the long term.
  • These cameras can capture top-quality clips in demanding situations. Furthermore, the quads that facilitate such cams are also in a position to take flight in several extreme atmospheres – in extreme temperatures, windy conditions, while the rain showers, and so on. This function makes them ideal for the toughest outdoor areas, whereby the shooting from other vehicles and devices is not doable.


  • You need to understand that a few models have integrated gimbals for the video camera in their design while others do not include it. Also, a few models come together with an integrated Go Pro camera. However, most of them do not include an integrated camera. A model with an attached camera is instantly ready for First-person view shooting (with less calibration). Nevertheless, this camera cannot be mounted, and therefore, it cannot be utilized for other applications. In case, you are likely to use this type of drone for soaring instead of shooting, in that case, you need to choose a model that does not have an integrated camera.
  • For many models, you will have to step up the gimbal and the drone for the Go Pro after set up, through the particular software. It could be somewhat complex and call for considerable time alike, particularly if you don’t have any personal experience in this work. As a result, ensure to select a unit that comes along with all of the required pre-equipped parts.
  • These quadcopters are more costly compared to many others available on the marketplace. Therefore, will have a big investment in this kind of drone. Apart from the price for a Go-Pro drone itself, you shall also pay a price for the camera and GoPro gadget alike. Nevertheless, such an effective UAV worth every penny invested, and it’s a fair investment without a doubt.
  • The charging duration is pretty high. Therefore you will have to invest over 100 minutes to completely charge the LiPo batteries once every trip.

Therefore, when getting such a copter, you should take into account our dedicated quadcopters buyers guide and realize what are the important benefits and drawbacks of a specific model you need to buy.

You have to think about compatible GoPro video camera and drone individually. Keep an eye on the prices and features, and choose a product that best matches your requirements!

Making Your Ultimate Decision: Drone for GoPro

When you are on the lookout for the top go pro drone, there are different things to take into account. The excellent features and all-out professionalism of the popular DJI Phantom model line might interest you greatly.

However, the other choices on this write-up are yet quadcopters that can work out good for you. The moment it was discovered that quadcopters offered a stable way of collecting great video, the competition to design the most user-friendly product was not surprisingly going ahead.

Having a cautious eye on the angle of the gimbal within the gadget you are keen on, checking out with other good sites, for example, this one to guide you towards the correct way.

Watching clips of demo flights on YouTube can come handy in your adventure. A few drones that are good for application with the Go-Pro camera are well worth their run if the calibration and assembly aren’t the simplest in the globe.

However, a few of you reading this who are prepared to step up the road running might need the fastest to fly and quickest model you can come across.

Once you have gone through this write-up and discovered which works in your case, you will be flying in mid-air immediately, and capturing video that you will undoubtedly be more than happy.

Check out this dedicated go pro drone comparison chart for a comparison of five best-selling models.